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The Slytherin Dungeons

Setting The Scene: October

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The Great Hall of HOL was illuminated by floating candles, the dark canvas and twinkling stars above more haunting than ever this October. The season’s Halloween Feast had arrived just as quickly as usual, and students and staff alike were most excited to get stuck in…


Welcome to this months role play prompt. You, or your character, are participating in the Halloween Feast at HOL. RP below to your heart content. There is no word limit, you may write as much or as little as you like, just as long as you stick to the rules. You will earn 5 scales for posting your roleplay below and an additional 5 scales for interacting with someone else.


  •  Only speak for your character, no one else's.
  •  Write in third person, past tense, full sentences, proper grammar etc. You are world building remember so no asterisk and the like.
  • Keep everything G rated and follow the HOL rules.

Go HERE to read the RPG Guidelines if you need to refresh yourself on the RP rules or if you are new to roleplaying. 

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The air sweetened by pumpkin pie and pasties, Lucia took a deep inhale as she sat amongst her fellow Slytherin’s. Halloween was her favourite time of year, and the feast just about topped off the celebrations. Food of all differing Autumnal variations made her stomach growl…nobody did Halloween quite like HOL!

‘Where on Earth do I even start?’ Lucia thought, but her eyes took one look at the chocolate chip pumpkin bread and she knew exactly what the answer to that was. ‘I do feel sort of terrible that the house ghosts aren’t going to be able to taste this…’ 

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Aure stumbled down the stairs, hair slightly unkempt from an impromptu afternoon nap. What could they say? Naps were so tempting once classes were over, especially now that it was cold enough to have a fire going in the common room more frequently. They hadn't meant to take a doze between the pages of Advanced Potion Making, at least not this time.

As they finally stepped through the doors to the Great Hall, they felt more awake than they had all day. Delicious smells came rolling towards them and their mouth began to water. Aure had forgotten how long it had been since lunch, and they hadn't grabbed a snack from the house-elves today. After scanning up and down the Slytherin table and woefully trying to smooth their hair down, Aure decided to take a seat near Lucia. While they couldn't sit directly next to each other since they needed to keep an eye on the whole table, they were certainly still close enough to chat.

"That chocolate chip pumpkin bread does look amazing," they commented, following Lucia's eyes to the loaf nearest them. Chuckling, they reached for a pumpkin pastie to place on their own plate. As Aure took their first, delightful bite, they heard the Baron swoop into the Hall commenting on the time of year.

"I completely agree," they said after they finished the pastry, "plus the decorations get better and better each year! What's your favorite part of the season, Baron?"

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Willow never loved the Halloween festive seasons. For this time of the year, neighbourhood kids found it amusing to cover a particular neighbour's house with toilet paper and fake spider webs. Cleaning that mess is not easy. She wondered if Halloween at HOL would be any different. She did love the thought of the Halloween Feast. She had overheard older students discuss about it in the last week.  

It did not dissapoint. The food was lovely. So were the decorations, really. And the ghosts floating around the Great Hall fit the atmosphere and the theme so wonderfully. Willow wondered for the first time, what if there was more to the festival than stupid pranks and costumes?

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Halloween always came earlier than expected for Will, but - to be honest - the most exciting part of Halloween was that November (the month of his birthday and the start of the Quidditch season) was almost there.  Nevertheless, the feast was a nice time for him to relax, knowing that his students (and himself) would be catered to by House-Elves for the duration, and that there was probably all sorts or interesting entertainment to come.  He took his seat at the front of the Slytherin table and took in the sights and smells while waiting for the food to arrive.

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Aure nodded to Prof. Will and gave a smile as they watched him make his way to the front of the table. They waved at Willow as well and gestured for her to come sit near them and chat.

As they finished their pumpkin pastie, their eyes wandered around the hall. The decorations were truly spectacular this year. It seemed each year the staff found something new to add to the already impeccable decorations. This year featured fog that was charmed to form different shapes every few seconds. As Aure watched, they saw it become a centaur, a cauldron, a pointed hat, and the newest model broomstick from the Firebolt company.

The sight made them sorely miss their own broom and the feeling of the wind whipping their hair around their face as they flew through the skies high above the Quidditch field. ‘I can’t wait for Quidditch season,’ they thought, letting out a small sigh.

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