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The Slytherin Dungeons

Week Three: Item 2

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Aurelia is a very talented young witch, but something not many people know she thrives in is dance! Kreacher, having organised plenty of her dancing shoes knows this well, and seems to have taken some of Aurelia's shoes as a memento.

Solve THIS spot the difference puzzle (there are seven differences) and send your solutions to Lucia Dinapoli via Dungeons PM with subject "Serpentine Souvenirs - Dance Shoes" for 5 scales. You will receive a clue back to help you locate the missing item! 

All solutions must be sent in by Sunday 3rd October 11:59PM HOL Time.

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Solved by:

Prof. Tarma-Amelia Black
Astor Arensin
Willow Carter
Prof. Will Lestrange
Louis Walles
Maeve Madden
Harry Walles

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