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The Slytherin Dungeons

New Beginnings And Memories: Fall 2021

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It's that time again:  another school year has begun here at HOL!  (And at the time I type this, we are in the lead for the House Cup!)   Remember to choose your classes ASAP and start earning points for Slytherin!

Over the past few months, three amazing Slytherin staff members have turned in their badges:  Arianna Stonewater (who was a Prefect, Head Student, and HOLLERS head among other things), February Fortescue (who was a Prefect and did amazing things with SerpenTimes as well as with point earning) and Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis (the longest ever-serving Slytherin Head of House, with accomplishments too numerous to name).  Their legacy lives on in all of us, and what they brought to the Dungeons will never be forgotten.

However, just as three staff members stepped down, we have seen three new people promoted to Prefect:  Aurelia West, Louis Walles, and Lucia Dinapoli - who join the established Prefect Emily Spencer.  All four of them have been doing great things for Slytherin so far and I fully expect to see that continue!

Coming up very soon in the Dungeons is our early fall activity, Serpentine Souvenirs, which is expected to go live September 5th.

New snakes (and those who need a refresher) are encouraged to read through the Slytherin Hatchling Orientation Program (S.H.O.P.) lessons and start working on their Scales hauls for the year.  But even if you're an experienced snake, you might find the two newest lessons:  Slytherin Tales and Slytherin Sidekick to be useful!  And while you're on the subject, why not sign up for your own Slytherin Sidekick?)

What are Scales? Scales are the point system we use in the Dungeons. The more activities you participate in, the more opportunities you'll have to collect them and get you in the running for an award at the end of the year!

The Monthly Scales Challenge is open to all Slytherins. Each month, a Slytherin staff member will set five tasks for all snakes to complete.

Harry Potter Read-Along may have finished up the original book series last year, but that doesn't mean the Read-Along is over!  We will be doing a Merlin Read-Along this year in honour of one of the original Slytherins.   Get ready for tasks that give you opportunities to earn more Scales as we dive into the legacy of Merlin!

If you're looking for even more opportunities to earn Scales, check out the Slug Clubs. There is a new Arcade Club challenge each month. You can also try beating old high scores. The Puzzle Exchange is great place for sharing or trying different types of puzzles.   And the GOBstones Club (Games On Boards) is a great place to discuss everything related to games:  from preferences to strategies!

If you have any ideas for Slytherin, please reach out to any member of Slytherin staff. If you are interested in joining Slytherin staff, keep your eyes peeled for Promising Student applications near the end of Autumn Term!

Well, what are you waiting for? The House Cup is calling - and we are currently in first place!

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I wish to thank you, Will, for the welcoming post to everyone.   So, thank you.

I wanted, also, to mention February and Arianna and Scarlet are three awesome people. Slytherin is poorer for their absence, but, as you say, new people have stepped up (including you!) and great things are expected to keep coming on.

Thank you, House of Slytherin, for being such a great place to visit. Your people are fine.  Good stuff.

One final thing:  BBQ sauce.


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