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Discussion Post: Dominant Strategies

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One of my least favourite aspects of games and other competitions is when one or two potential strategies or game-play methods are so much better than all other methods that the choice ends up being "use Strategy X or lose the game".  In trading card games, for example, there might be a number of awesome-looking cards that simply are not competitive in actual gameplay.  And when the competitive universe shifts from "limitless possible strategies" to "everyone is essentially doing the exact same thing"?  This makes games less interesting... so, here, I yield the floor to you.


-Can you think of examples of this behaviour... where the choice is "use the same strategy as everyone else or lose the game"?

-When you're confronted with this type of choice, do you always play to win... or do you sometimes shift gears and try to have fun with a different technique, knowing you will lose?

-Does your answer change if the dominant strategy requires tons of grinding (to improve either resources or skill) to master?

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