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The Slytherin Dungeons

Take it or leave it.

Nassa Dikaios

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Well, ok, I'll take it. I do like Butterbeer! :)


I'm leaving a Draco Christmas tree ornament (if you don't have a tree, you can always hang it on our Slythmas tree! *g*)



haha...actually, there's a REAL green-and-silver-striped frog plushie...I got it for my cousin for Christmas. Don't give me that weird look! :p

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*grabs* This will go beautifully with the black and the gold ink pots I have for my quill :D


*leaves a box of crayons and pad of recycled paper*

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Oooh, MINE! *loves*


Aww...Jade got the inks. Ok, recycled paper is good...guess I can live with crayons instead of ink... *grumbles*



I guess I'll leave behind a bottle of OPI Russian Navy nail polish. (Yes, I can leave it. I have my own bottle. Yes. I totally can.)

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*takes nightlight* Now I do not have to stumble to bed after I turn the light out yay!


*leaves a Buttermellows and a Sweetwater All-Stars CD*

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*picks up dry-erase board, draws on it*


*leaves dry-erase board with a picture of a stick-figure (with a lightning scar in the center of its forehead) falling off a broom*

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