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Wish granted! Unfortunately, it is stolen from you the very next day.


I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator.



Are my resurrection attempts working? 'cause, erm...I can't sleep (curse you, excellent nap!!), and my Proofreading exam is tomorrow, and I'm bored. And hungry, but that's neither here nor there. XD

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Guest Danielle Mandeville

Wish granted! Sadly, it was a zombie gummy bear and now it's out to eat you.



I wish the next 5 days were set to fast forward.

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Wish. Granted. Unfortunately, their authors gate crash and demand compensation for unauthorized use of their creative works.


I wish I did not need to sleep.

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Granted, now you cannot even sleep anymore. Your friends start talking about really cool dreams they've had, and it drives you insanely jealous.


I wish my sister wasn't so annoying and illogical.

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Wish granted. None of your friends will look at you anymore because your hair changes so rapidly that it gives them a headache.


I wish I had a cookie.

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