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The Slytherin Dungeons


Rose Pottermore

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Hi Everyone!

Let's play Hangman!


  The person who's 'it'  will give you the number of letters in the word they're thinking of. You can then suggest letters that might be in it, one letter per post: you must wait for the word thinker to respond before guessing again. If you’re right, they'll fill in the letter in the word. If you’re wrong, then you lose a life. You only have 8 lives per word. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and the current person  will start again with a new word.


  You can guess what the word is at any point but if you’re wrong, you lose a life. If you’re right, then it’s your turn to come up with a word. If the word is completely spelled out, then the person who guessed the last letter takes over.

Note: If the person currently providing the word doesn't reply within 5 days, then you must start with a word of your own.


Let’s begin….

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Total Letters : 11

Letters Guessed



Correct Guesses

Lives : 8

11 letters to go!


Enjoy playing!!


Original Game and Content by Prof. Sky Alton

Edited by Rose Pottermore
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M is correct, E is not...


_ _ _ _ M _ _ _ _ _ _

Total Letters : 11

Letters Guessed : E, M

Correct Guesses : M

Lives : 7

10 letters to go!

Edited by Rose Pottermore
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