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The Slytherin Dungeons
Will Lestrange


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Thanks to everyone for participating in this Winter Fling!  Congratulations for all of you for making the party so great; the scales earned are as follows.

Arianna Stonewater - 10

Brianna Caedmon - 106

Emerald Nightshade - 56

Emily Spencer - 90

February Fortescue - 153

Iverian Gnash - 52

Kendra Givens - 32 

Lizzi Long - 12

Lorainia Riverrider - 102

Maxim Trevelyan - 157

Prof. Amy Lupin - 2

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 100

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 170

Sky Alton - 65

Will Lestrange - 95

This means a grand total of 1202 scales were earned during the Winter Fling.

If you want to see the details of many scales you earned, you can visit the spreadsheet with everyone's scales results by clicking HERE.


The maximum total number of scales that someone could earn was 180.  No one quite managed that, but a few people came close.  Everyone who earned at least 90 scales (or half of 180) earned a Snake in the Grass award; congratulations to Brianna CaedmonFebruary FortescueLorainia RiverriderMaxim TrevelyanProf. Scarlet Leslie-LewisProf. Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange!


And the main reason it took so long for these results to go up was because of Challenge 5 - creating words.  So many of you went so far above and beyond the requirements that I needed to ask an Anaconda to help me check everyone's work (fortunately I'm a Parselmouth!)  You needed 20 for full scales, but six went above that:

-in 6th place was Kendra Givens with 38 valid words!

-in 5th place was Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis with 83 valid words!

-in 4th place was Sky Alton with 96 valid words!

-in 3rd place was Maxim Trevelyan with 108 valid words!

-in 2nd place was February Fortescue with 137 valid words!


-in 1st place was Prof. Tarma Amelia Black with 192 valid words!

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Thanks for the wonderful wintery fun and the new shiny, Will! I can't even even image how much time and work was involved in creating and running this!

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