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The Slytherin Dungeons

February 2020 Game Challenge: Nibbler

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As the spring term (my final term as a student and prefect!) begins, it is time to play one of the snakiest games in existence... Nibbler!


While there are many games around with the theme of 'control a snake and guide it towards food; it gets longer with each hit so be careful!' (in fact, we played a modern version called "Slyther.io" in the Ready Player One Emerald Cup) this is one of the original versions.  It was developed in 1982, in the golden age of gaming, by a little known Chicago developer called "Rock-Ola", making its way from arcades to consoles.

You probably know how to play, or at least you think you do... but there's a surprising catch in this version!  If you run into a wall, you don't die (you simply stop moving!)  That said, you can still run into yourself, trap yourself to death... or even run out of time so it's not like you're getting away with anything!  The green 'time' bar is actually your health bar; it runs out pretty quickly but resets to 'full' whenever you grab a new apple!


For this month's challenge, you want to go to THIS LINK to play Nibbler.   Screencap your best performance (and post it in this thread) by February 29 at 11:59 PM HOL!  

-Participation at all will earn you 5 scales.

-If you score 2020 points or higher - or beat the first stage, your screencap will earn you 10 scales instead of 5.

-The top three scores of the month will get extra scales (25, 20, and 15 respectively for the month instead of 5 or 10) as well as special awards!

PS:  Feel free to edit your post throughout the month as you improve your score!

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1st place:  Mia Fountain - 35025 points (Gold Joystick)

2nd place:  Will Lestrange - 33485 points (Silver Joystick)

3rd place:  Kendra Givens - 28993 points (Bronze Joystick)

But you still have a chance to compete against these scores at the Living High Score Board!

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