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The Slytherin Dungeons
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

Scales Race 2019/2020

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Scales are valid only within Slytherin. Awards are given to the top three Slytherin (as well as the highest non-Slytherin) scale earners at the end of each term. The top ten Slytherin scale earners at the end of the year will also receive an award for their dedication.

There are many ways to earn scales, including:

  • Being one of the top ten house points earners for Slytherin of each month
  • Completing the tasks in the Monthly Scales Challenge
  • Participating in Harry Potter Read-Along and other Slytherin activities
  • Writing journal entries
  • Contributing to Puzzle Exchange or playing a game in Arcade Club

Check HERE to see how you are doing in the Scales Race!

The spreadsheet is generally updated monthly. Please send me a message if you have any questions about your scales.

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Slightly delayed (but not forgotten!), we announce the top 10 point earners for Slytherin each month. If you make the list, you'll receive bonus scales for your contributions.

1st Place: 200 scales
2nd Place: 100 scales
3rd Place: 50 scales
4th-10th Place: 30 scales

New for this year, an individual can only earn the Sagacious Slytherin of the Month Award once per term. It will go to the top point earner of the month unless he or she has already received it this year.

Without further ado, here are our Top House Point Earners for September!

10. Elena Min - 59 points

9. Cassandra Davies / Cody Lewis / Daisy Rafferty / Will Lestrange - 60 points

8. Phoenix Hale - 80 points

7. Ariana Moonshine - 90 points

6. Diana Magixx - 120 points

5. Emily Spencer - 178 points

4. Serenity Shaffer - 188 points

3. Brianna Caedmon - 193 points

2. Persephone Woodson - 206 points

And the most ambitious Slytherin this month is February Fortescue with 358 points!

Lots of new names on the list! Great start to the year, snakes!

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