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The Slytherin Dungeons

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Happy February, snakes! 

Spring Term is officially in session, so sign-up for classes! Be ambitious and choose five of them!

The last Scales for Autumn Term are still being counted, but awards will be announced shortly after. Individual Scales totals are now reset for the new term. Will you be in the top three this term? Remember that the Monthly Scales Challenge is available to all Slytherins. New snakes are encouraged to complete S.H.O.P. assignments to learn about HOL and Slytherin while earning Scales too!

Order of the Phoenix Read-Along is one of the best opportunities for Scales, through daily trivia and weekly tasks. Jump in whenever you get a chance!

The Slytherin Quidditch Team has three wins in the books, but needs a couple more players! If you have better weekend online availability than me, talk to SQT captain Will Lestrange and consider joining the team. 

The theme for the upcoming issue of SerpenTimes is Kaleidoscope. All submissions should be sent in by 15th March. Check this post if you are interested in editing for SerpenTimes!

See if you can earn a joystick award this term by participating in the challenges in the Arcade Club! Scales are given out for your efforts as well. If you love making or solving puzzles, share or try out a few in Puzzle Exchange

We're always looking for new and fresh ideas for Slytherin. If you have any, please reach out to any Slytherin prefect or professor. Those interested in becoming a member of Slytherin staff can fill out the Promising Student application - now open until further notice!

Amazing job last term, everyone, but we still have more work to do! Our hourglass isn't going to fill itself... Keep the points coming!

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Scales are now tallied up and we have some awards to give out for Autumn Term!

Scales Race:
In 3rd place, with a total of 750 scales... Arianna Stonewater!

In 2nd place, with a total of 751 scales... Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!

And in 1st place, with an astounding total of 955 scales... Will Lestrange!!!

Best Hatchling is awarded to the first year student with the most scales. The winner for this past term was only a few scales shy of being in the top three. Better watch out for her next term! Congratulations to Amaryllis Storm with 634 scales!

Dweller of the Dungeons is awarded to the top non-Slytherin scale earner. Largely due to her participation in Read-Along, she achieved the second highest scales total. Congratulations to Prof. Tarma Amelia Black of Hufflepuff with 791 scales!

Remember that everyone starts fresh for Spring Term. We hope to see you earning many scales and hanging out in the Dungeons!

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