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The Slytherin Dungeons
Arianna Stonewater

Slythmas Tree and IRC Date

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So sorry for the silence guys, I've been busy and then i got food poisoning! but i'm better now and i've got all of your lovely presents wrapped!! In the tree image above we have:

1. A blue present with orange bow
2. A dark crimson present with gold stripes and a gold bow
3. A gold present with crimson spots and a crimson bow
4. A pink present with purple bow
5. A teal/grey present with teal bow
6. A green present with silver spots and silver bow
7. A red/white present with green bow
8. A dark pink present with light pink bow
9. A chocolate present with a white bow
10. An orange/black present with an orange bow
11. A teal/white present with a teal bow

It looks like the majority of people who signed up can make Dec. 29th at 6pm HOL time (1pm EST)

As a reminder, this is what we will do:

Once everyone who is playing (NOTE: you can only play if you submitted a gift, but there is still time to submit a gift if you let me know asap!) is ready, we'll assign an order for picking presents with a random generator.

Person 1 posts they want the green package with red bows, we say it's a sudoku puzzle.

Person 2 can steal their present or pick a new one. if they steal, person 1 picks a new present, and we say what that is. Then person 3 can steal one of those two or pick a new present. A present can only be stolen 3 times.

After the last person on IRC gets their present, I will edit the image so that the picked presents are crossed off. Then anyone who wasn't able to attend the IRC can pick from those until they're all gone!

For items that are customized (like puzzles/siggys), I will connect the person who picked that present with the person who gave it.


Please post below if you have any questions!

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