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The Slytherin Dungeons
Aurelia West

Top House Points 2018-19

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The first month of this year is in the books so it's time to announce the top points winners! If you make the list, we'll send some bonus scales your way, and if you take the top spot, you'll receive a nice shiny award.

1st Place: 200 scales and the Sagacious Slytherin of the Month Award
2nd Place: 100 scales
3rd Place: 50 scales
4th-10th Place: 30 scales

And finally, here are Slytherin's Top House Points of September: 

10. Aquila Malfoy - 70 points

9. Soren Farmer - 76 points

8. Draco Riddle - 163 points

7. Keani Orion - 178 points

6. Amaryllis Storm - 180 points

5. Arianna Stonewater - 229 points

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 279 points

4. Will Lestrange - 320 points

3. Cody Lewis - 565 points

2. Khaleesia Marie Lilith - 645 points

And in first place this month is Anna Snape with 667 points! That's an awesome amount of points! Wait to go, Anna!

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Another month is over, so it's time to award Slytherin's Top Points Earners of October!

10. Start Light - 107 points

9. Dexter York - 118 points

8. Aurelia West - 170 points

7. Brianna Caedmon - 195 points

6. Bull J. Johnson - 199 points

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 210 points

5. Amaryllis Storm - 230 points

4. Draco Riddle - 231 points

3. Will Lestrange - 340 points

2. Cody Lewis - 350 points

And in first place this month is Arianna Stonewater with 544 points! Congratulations, Arianna and let's keep earning those points snakes!

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I'm slowly making my way down the list. I want the big, green letters!

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