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The Slytherin Dungeons
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Will Lestrange

Green and Silver Teams: 2018-19

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Everyone who has signed up for Green vs Silver this year has been assigned into a team for the year!  The following people will be on each team:


Green Team

Abs Neill

Alexander Barnes-Rogers

Alice-Lynn Riddle

Amaryllis Storm

Anna Snape

Aquila Malfoy

Axelle Fairbrough

Brianna Caedmon

Bull J. Johnson

Cassandra Morales

Cheyenne Roncone

Cody Lewis

Daisy Lafferty

Dexter York

Faye Roderick

Heather Long

Keani Orion

Lilith Rose

Prof. Amy Lupin

Will Lestrange - PREFECT (team leader)


Silver Team

Arianna Stonewater - PREFECT (team leader)

Aurelia West - PREFECT (team leader)

Draco Riddle

Dyllon Malfoy

Emilia Salvatore

Emma Borg

Eurus Reiss

Hunter Baker

Jay Schwinn

Khaleesia Marie Lilith

Luna Celestial

Mortiana Blaque

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

Ravena Sparrow

Romilda Jones

Sara Alfieri

Sophia Rudel

Soren Farmer

Start Light

Tristan Knight


If you haven't yet signed up for a team (and you are a member of Slytherin House), you can still do so RIGHT HERE!

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