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Puzzle Exchange - Alternative Logic Puzzles (Riddles)

Tristan Knight

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These puzzles are like the logic puzzles provided before, but are different.  They do not require a matrix to solve persay, but they do require Slytherin cunning to solve.  They often require a worded answer that falls within a certain range of answers.  This group of puzzles often include riddles.

A famous example of a riddle (besides Tom Riddle) is the following:  

"Brothers and sisters, I have none but this man's father is my father's son. Who am I looking at?"

These questions require logic and cunning to solve!


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Ahh, it is the Hufflepuff’s spread the joy time here at Hogwarts for Slytherin.  Every quarter Hufflepuff gives 49 tasty cakes to another house during a particular quarter at Hogwarts.  This is quite a lot of cake!  They are magically preserved so that the house receiving said cakes can eat them throughout the quarter and they will stay magically fresh, tasty, and moist.  The order that which house receives the cakes in a given quarter is as follows:

Gryffindor 1st quarter

Slytherin 2nd quarter   

Hufflepuff 3rd quarter

Ravenclaw 4th quarter

The way Hufflepuff makes the 49 magical cakes is each year has to make 7 cakes of a particular kind (7 years x 7 cakes gives us 49 cakes) and each cake magically weighing 7 kilos exactly (49 cakes x 7kg gives us 343kg).  The type of the 7 cakes made by a given class is as follows:

1st year:  Angel food cake

2nd year:  Babka                 

3rd year:  Tiramisu            

 4th year:  Pound cake         

 5th year:  Cheese cake        

6th year:  Croquembouche

7th year:  Devil’s food cake

However, this year a prankster from Gryffindor messed with their corresponding year’s Hufflepuff bakers as a joke to Slytherin.  What they did was magically remove one kilo from each of the 7 cakes that class made yielding 7 cakes weighing 6 kilos each.  Thus, Slytherin received 7 less kilos of a particular type of cake.  Furthermore, this crafty Gryffindor student put enough charms on it to so that no one can detect their shorting of the “shortbread” by visual or magical means.  The only way it was figured out it happened was the devious note that said “I took 1 kilo of cake from 7 identical cakes that corresponds to my year!  Haahhaha, you will never figure out who I am, love Gryffindor!” sitting next to the 49 cakes. 

Now only one Gryffindor student per class has access to the kitchen.  And the following is this year’s list of students from that house:

1st year:  Mary Whitefoot 

2nd year:  Albus Redding

3rd year:  Ron Greenspan

4th year:  Isis Bluepool

5th year:  Trevor Blackwell

6th year:  Nigel Silvertongue

7th year:  Jamie Hazel

But the pranking Gryffindor messed up on one of their charms.  It seems you can weigh the cakes one time and one time only before their magical charm kicks in effectively letting he or she off free.  Furthermore, the student put a charm on the lot of all the cakes yet only messed with his or her corresponding year weight of cakes.  Devise a method to catch the particular year/student using a scale one time while checking all the years at once to deduce which of the 7 students is the culprit.


You can only weigh one time and one time only before the charm kicks in whether you weigh one cake or all the cakes.

You cannot figure out the differences of weight by holding or looking at the cakes at all

Come up with a solution to find the culprit with muggle skills only

                I am not looking for the culprit I am judging the method of using said scale one time.

Good luck and I look forward to your answers!  Send me a PM with the subject line of Cake-astrophe with your solution to this harmless prank!

-TK-  10 scales (September 2018)

Solved by-

  • Will Lestrange 5 scales (September 2018)
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Ahh, it time for the Quidditch World Cup Qualifying Round to be held in England.  It is going to be a fierce competition starting off this first of many rounds leading up to the World Cup.  Britain’s opponent will be France and it should be great game for all involved to start off the season. 

Three 6th year friends from Hogwarts got tickets to the match and decided to rent a room for the night.  They decided to be pampered at the upscale magical hotel, The Wizard's Chamber,  and share a room together to help mitigate the costs.  The hotel clerk checked them in and charged them a total of 30 golden Galleons.  This is fortuitous; since it is an easy amount of money split three ways!  Each of the three friends paid 10 Galleons as they prepare for an exciting night cheering on their favorite team.

However, the clerk forgot to apply the Hogwart’s student discount to the room as advertised and overcharged them 5 golden Galleons.  The clerk promptly called the goblin bellhop Bragkrus to return the five individual Galleons to the three students and to apologize for the mistake.

Well Bragkrus, a bit of a greedy goblin, thought to himself “Well if I give 5 Galleons to 3 students, one of the students will be left out and be short changed!”  So he decided to give each of the three students 1 Galleon back each and keep 2 for himself so that they will not have to argue on who will be short changed.

So Bragkrus gave each student a golden Galleon with the clerk’s apology.  The students were all happy now since the room that was 10 Galleons a piece is now only 9 Galleons a piece.  And Bragkrus kept the 2 Galleons himself and everyone was happy…

Except if the rooms are now 9 Galleons instead of 10 Galleons each….

9 x 3 = 27

27 Galleons + the 2 Galleons Bragkrus kept = 29 Galleons… 

29 Galleons is not the starting amount of 30 Galleons the clerk received… Where did the missing Galleon go?

What a magical quandary we have here and please PM me with the subject line of 30 Galleons with your solution to the missing Galleon! 

-TK- 10 scales (September 2018)

Solved by-

  • Will Lestrange 5 scales (September 2018)
  • Anna Snape 5 scales (September 2018)
  • Maxim Trevelyan 5 scales (December 2019)
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