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The Slytherin Dungeons

You know you're in Slytherin when.....

Faye Roderick

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-flashback to an adventure trip years ago into the forest with 4 other teammates.-


At one checkpoint the team leader was given a question: "If in the forest you stumble upon a problem. In order to continue your trip, you would have to sacrifice one of your team members. Who would you choose?"


You know you're in Slytherin when you answered the question by naming of the weakest person in your team.


The person who posed the question claimed that the CORRECT answer was "to sacrifice yourself", but you know full well that the team wouldn't be able to survive without you, so obivously that person was WRONG. :p

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YKYISW you get a new pack of pencils and the first one you select, instinctively, is the shiny dark green one. When you later notice this, you're completely horrified when you realize that no one at your real school will understand why this matters.


...You're ranting and "accidentally" call someone you're angry with a Mudblood.


...While reading Oedipus Rex for English, you chuck the book at a wall and glare death at it, and wonder why you're being forced to read something written by a Muggle.



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