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The Slytherin Dungeons

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All gunters are invited to compete in #slytherin races! Whether you need more XP to unlock sectors or simply want to mingle with other gunters, come by for an adrenaline boost.
The first races will be:
Thursday, 31 May at 3 am HOL time / Wednesday, 30 May at 10 pm Eastern
One type of race is a Logic Puzzle Race. Gunters will receive 5 XP for participating in a logic puzzle race and 5 XP for solving the puzzle. Those who are unable to make it have the opportunity to solve the logic puzzle for 5 XP scales after the race is complete.
The first three gunters to solve the logic puzzle will receive additional XP:
15 XP for 1st place
10 XP for 2nd place
5 XP for 3rd place

Darkn3sss will also be running Wiki Races! Gunters can earn 5 XP for participating and an additional 5 XP for winning a race.

Winners of races may also receive special items to assist in traversing the OASIS! Be sure to log in to #slytherin with your OASIS usernames!

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