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The Slytherin Dungeons

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As mandated by Mr. Watts, the OASIS will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No actions are permitted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When the OASIS is open, each gunter is allowed two actions per day. Gunters may either:

  • Move to a world one move away and attack the monster
  • Move to a world two moves away

Gunters will receive the password to enter the world they end up in through the e-mail they provided, giving them access to the Quest. Once a Quest is unlocked, it remains in a gunter’s inventory until it is completed. Be sure to follow the instructions when submitting Quest solutions.

Gunters can move back to previous worlds, but they will not receive a new Quest. Unless a gunter has a special item, they can only move to worlds that are directly connected to each other on the OASIS map.

Attacking the monster is a higher risk action, but successfully defeating the monster on the world will double the amount of scales a gunter earns from the Quest. The XP of the gunter will determine whether or not the monster is defeated.


Example action posts:


Move to [World]

Move to Novus


Move through [World 1]
Move to [World 2]

Move through Tarsiss Prime
Move to Vega Remidian

Post your actions below by the end of each day. All gunters start at Aporia. Actions can be posted beginning on 20 May. Days end at 11:59 pm HOL time.

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Current Locations

Aporia: Ashley_Elizabeth, Fletcher

Elista: Darkn3sss

Galodis: diamondsciencer, K3Ndragon, K8lin

Lithios: GhostWalker

Novus: Paddingt0n

Sumesh: Namnori

Thanatos: Sh1l0h

Yula: Scarl3t


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