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The Slytherin Dungeons

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Show off your avatar for the Emerald Cup Hunt! Avatars are 100x100 pixels in size. 

Also, you may create a contact card with your OASIS username that you can share with other gunters. Your contact card should be 250x100 pixels.

If you need some inspiration:


You could design your card to look like just about anything. Art3mis had coded hers to look like a vintage Kenner Star Wars action figure (still in the blister pack). The figure was a crude plastic rendering of her avatar, with the same face, hair, and outfit. Tiny versions of her guns and sword were included. Her contact info was printed on the card, above the figure: Art3mis 52nd Level Warrior/Mage (Vehicle Sold Separately) 


I handed her one of my own cards, which I’d designed to look like an original Atari 2600 Adventure cartridge, with my contact info printed on the label: Parzival 10th Level Warrior (Use with Joystick Controller)

Post your avatar/contact card below and use them for the duration of the Emerald Cup Hunt. Earn 5 XP for either an avatar or a contact card; 10 XP for both!

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