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Puzzle Exchange - Word Search

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As people all over the world are searching for Easter eggs, we’ll be exchanging… WORD SEARCHES!!

The word search is a very common sight on HOL. A mix of letters are arranged in a grid, usually rectangular in shape. The goal of the puzzle is to find all the words hidden in the grid. Words may be oriented horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Additionally, they may be forward or backward. The first word search is credited to Norman E. Gibat, who published an Oklahoma-themed puzzle in the Selenby Digest on March 1, 1968.

Put together a list of 10 or more words and create your own word search! There are several word search generators available online. My personal favorite is this one. You could also make a word search manually.

Post your puzzles below along with the following information:

  • Title or theme
  • Word list or minimum length of words
  • Total number of words hidden (at least 10)
  • How to submit the solution (E-mail, Dungeons PM, HOL message, etc.)

Each puzzle you make is worth 10 scales. Solving someone else’s puzzle earns you 5 scales. You are allowed to post and/or solve multiple puzzles, but keep in mind that the maximum number of scales you can earn per month from Puzzle Exchange is 50 scales.

Please remember to edit your post when other people solve your puzzle(s) so they can receive their scales.

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I originally made this for the Alte Sententiam, but you are welcome to try it for scales! 

If you can't read the clues, they say:

  • Opposite of summoning
  • Five birds
  • Five wand woods
  • _________ Alley
  • Wizarding publisher: _________  _________  _________

Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Word Hunt

Solved by:

Eno Thomas 5 scales (September 2018)
Will Lestrange 5 scales (May 2018)
Amaryllis Storm 5 scales (January 2019)
Aurelia West 5 scales (April 2021)

Edited by Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
added Aurelia - Apr 2021
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Don't Be A Scrooge!

A Christmas based Wordsearch based on words that are related to being a Scrooge.

C I M L W S D L S C I E C E A 
I A T I G B E W O T C O C C P 
P B J F S V F N L N N I K I O 
O R I E A E D D E D T L W R P 
R O H R L E R C E S H A I A L 
H A T L M H S S U R T D R V E 
T D O N M E C A B I I X Z A C 
N W E E R E C R L H G U B W T 
A D N C N S U O I D O E Q X I 
S Z X S I D E S P O I L T E C 
I E I J D E A T H E A W I Z R 
M O E L B I S S E R P E R R I 
N S U O I T E C A F V X I E Q 
J A S N N L F Y S V N X P C T 
I M P R O P R I E T Y P S H Q 


For an added difficulty find the words that complete this Christmas quote and tell us who said it.

"It is ______ of every man that the ______ within him should walk abroad among his ____ _____, and travel far and wide; and, if that spirit goes not forth in _____, it is _______to do so after ________."

10 scales (November 2018)

Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Word Search

Solved By

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black  on 11/29/2018 5 scales (November 2018)

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis on 12/13/2018 5 scales (December 2018)


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15 Most Mentioned Harry Potter Characters



The names to the right of the puzzle are in no particular order. In order of most mentions, it would be: Harry, Ronald, Hermione, Albus, Rubeus, Severus, Voldemort, Sirius, Draco, Fred, Remus, George, Neville, Arthur, Ginny.

Please send me your solutions in a Dungeons PM with the subject: Most Mentioned WS 

10 scales (May 2020)

Completed by: 

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (May 2020)
Aurelia West 5 scales (April 2021)

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