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Welcome to the Spring Scavenger Hunt! Each week we will be posting clues to find puzzles pieces hidden throughout the dungeons! While looking, here are some things for you to note:

  • the puzzle piece will always be on the first page of the topic it is hidden in
  • there are 12 puzzle pieces total
  • the pieces do not rotate
  • each clue will be a puzzle you need to solve to find the location of the puzzle piece
  • you will earn 5 scales (the Slytherin house-point system) for each puzzle
  • you will earn 20 scales for turning in the final picture (so 80 scales total)
  • You can join at anytime before the deadline!

Here is the schedule, 3 clues a week:

March 5: Clue 1 posted

March 7: Clue 2 posted

March 9: Clue 3 posted

March 12: Clue 4 posted

March 14: Clue 5 posted

March 16: Clue 6 posted

March 19: Clue 7 posted

March 21: Clue 8 posted

March 23: Clue 9 posted

March 26: Clue 10 posted

March 28: Clue 11 posted

March 30: Clue 12 posted

April 6: Final puzzle due

Get your sleuthing outfits ready!

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So excited!!

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