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The Slytherin Dungeons

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It's the start of the holiday shopping season and there are deals galore! 

A few weeks ago, Cody and I were wandering Wal-Mart looking for a small tree (around 2-3 feet) for our apartment. We didn't see any among the Christmas decorations, so I suggested looking in the Garden Center. "Nah, they wouldn't have Christmas trees in there," said Cody. He gave in and *spoiler alert* I was right. There were so many types of trees - snow covered ones, pre-lit ones, green ones, white ones, and even a black one! In the end, we settled on a 6 and a half foot tree.

What is the best item you've ever purchased on a whim?

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I think the best item I purchased on a whim was the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. I was always an avid book reader, especially as a small child. I loved near a bookstore when I wa younger, so my parents often gave me money on my birthday to go buy a book. One day I really wanted the next book in a series, and I was about to get it, when I saw the Harry Potter books. I was drawn to the covers and read the inside flap. Immediately, the first book grabbed my attention, so I ended up buying it instead. 

This book is still in great condition and it was the one that introduced me to this amazing and wonderful world of magic.

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