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Puzzle Exchange - Cryptogram

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The next type of puzzle for exchanging will be… CRYPTOGRAMS!!

Cryptograms were originally used to encrypt military secrets typically by changing one letter for another. If the messages were intercepted, it would seem to be gibberish. Once people began to figure out how to crack these codes by using pattern recognition, more complex encryption methods were required. But that doesn't keep us from solving a cryptogram every now and then!

The most common type of cryptogram is a substitution cipher. Each letter is replaced by a different letter, number, or symbol. There is also a book cipher, where a specific book or publication acts as the key for the cipher. Since we are currently reading Goblet of Fire, that is a good option for a key if you want to try making a book cipher!

Make up a sentence or find a quote you like and get encrypting! If you need some inspiration, try Cryptograms.org or Razzle Puzzles

Post your puzzles below along with how you want answers to your cryptogram sent to you (E-mail, Dungeons PM, HOL message, etc.)

Each puzzle you make is worth 10 scales. Solving someone else’s puzzle earns you 5 scales. You are allowed to post and/or solve multiple puzzles, but keep in mind that the maximum number of scales you can earn per month from Puzzle Exchange is 50 scales.

Please remember to edit your post when other people solve your puzzle(s) so they can receive their scales.

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I'm re-using this puzzle, so some of you may have seen it before and I won't give myself scales for it. But it's a Quidditch-related cryptogram... Of course I have to use it again!



Blank grid in case you want one:


Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Quidditch Cryptogram

Solved by:

Arianna Stonewater 5 scales (November 2017)
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (November 2017)
Shiloh Adlar 5 scales (November 2017)
Will Lestrange 5 scales (November 2017)

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Here is a Benjamin Franklin cryptogram. Quite famous guy if I must say.^_^ Please send me the answer by a Dungeons PM with the subject Cryptogram Answer


10 scales (November 2017)

Solved by:

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (November 2017)

Anna Snape 5 scales (December 2017)

Shiloh Adlar 5 scales (January 2018)

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (January 2018)

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