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The Slytherin Dungeons
Arianna Stonewater

Goblet of Fire Trivia

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#188: Purple

Those who had the correct answers are italicized: 

Polaris Black-28
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-28
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-28

Shadow Gaunt-10
Shiloh Adlar-26
Will Lestrange-26

#189: What does Dumbledore say is the first and foremost essential step to prepare for Voldemort being back?
Bonus: What is the second step

PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time on May 18 for 4 scales!

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#189: remove Azkaban from the control of the dementors
Bonus: send envoys to extend friendship to the giants

Those who had the correct answers are italicized: 

Polaris Black-32
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-32
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-32

Shadow Gaunt-10
Shiloh Adlar-30
Will Lestrange-30

#190: Who was Sirius to alert? (give at least two of the names)

PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time on May 17 for 2 scales!

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#190:Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher (the old crowd)

Those who had the correct answers are italicized: 

Polaris Black-34
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-34
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-34
Shadow Gaunt-12
Shiloh Adlar-32
Will Lestrange-32

Now, if you've read this post, then you know that I have a very busy week next week. But we will also be doing the last chapter of Book 4, so I want to do something special! So here is what I'm going to do. I don't want to end this book with my standard 5 questions as that will leave us at 195, so obviously we need to do 10 questions to reach 200!! I'm giving you the questions now, and they will be due by 12am HOL time on the 28th! Each question will be worth the standard 2 scales, so you can earn 20 scales from answering these questions and another 10 scales for the 5 bonus questions giving you the chance at 30 scales!!!!

#191: What game did Ron and Hermione play while Harry sat there silently?
#192: What day did the trio visit Hagrid?

Bonus: Why did the trio have that day free?
#193: What color were the drapes at the Leaving Feast?

#194: How was Fleur hoping to improve her "Eenglish?"
Bonus: What did Krum do for Ron?
#195: What did Ron use to cover Pigwidgeon's cage?
#196: What did the Daily Prophet have to say about the Voldemort returning?
Bonus: What markings does Beetle-Rita have?
#197: What two curses probably shouldn't have been mixed?
#198: How many rounds of Exploding Snap did they play before Harry asked about the blackmailing?
Bonus: Why did Bagman lose his bet against the Goblins?
#199: What was Harry's condition for giving the twins his winnings?
#200: Who was there to pick Harry up at the train station?
Bonus: Who was the last to say a word to Harry before he got in the car?

PM me the answers by 12am HOL time on May 28th for 30!

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I hope you all had a wonderful week! While I sadly saw no mounties nor any moose, we had a great time!

#191: Chess
#192: Thursday
Bonus: No DADA teacher
#193: Black
#194: By getting a job there
Bonus: He autographed a bit of parchment
#195: his dress robes
#196: nothing
Bonus: markings around antennae like her glasses
#197: Furnunculus Curse, Jelly-Legs Jinx
#198: halfway through 5th
Bonus: Harry didn't outright win, he tied
#199: don't tell Molly where the money came from and buy ron new dress robes
#200: Uncle Vernon
Bonus: George Weasley

Those who had the answers correct are italicized:

Polaris Black-64
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-64
Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-64

Shadow Gaunt-12
Shiloh Adlar-62
Will Lestrange-62

I had such a great time doing trivia for you all this year, I hope you enjoyed it too and found some forgotten tidbits while searching for the answers! Good luck on your end of term exams and we'll see you next year for Book Five: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!!

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