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The Slytherin Dungeons
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

Puzzle Exchange - Logic Puzzle

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Tarma was hunting down different SQL 2018 members; she wanted to give them a surprise. In what order did she give the surprises, to whom did she give them, how much did they cost and what colour were they?

1. The present given Arianna cost 2 sickles more than the blue present. Of the gold present and the one given to Katelin, one cost 10 sickles and the other was given out first.

2. The present handed out third cost 15 sickles. The green present cost 3 sickles more than the present given to Katelin.
3. Will's present didn't cost 11 sickles. The present which cost 12 sickles was given out before the one which cost 14 sickles. Arianna's present was red.
4. The present which cost 15 sickles is more expensive than the one given to Arianna. Neither the purple present or the one costing 14 sickles is what was given to Emma (who got her present third).
5. The purple present was given out last. The present given to Silas cost 11 sickles.  Arianna received her present before Emma or Will.


Send me your answer in a Dungeon PM titled: Puzzle - Presents

Puzzle solved by:

Professor Cody Lewis

Will Lestrange

Arianna Stonewater

Arnora Eleniel


Edited by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

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