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Puzzle Exchange - Logic Puzzle

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As a gift for myself, the first puzzle exchange will be… LOGIC PUZZLES!!

Technically, any puzzle that requires deduction (logic) to solve is a logic puzzle, but for this exchange, the focus will be logic grid puzzles, also called table puzzles. A logic puzzle contains several categories with an equal number of options in each category. Each option can only be used once. The goal is to figure out which options go together using the clues provided. A logic puzzle should have one unique answer.

This is the type of puzzle used for HOL Snitch matches. Unlike Snitch matches, the logic puzzles you create for this exchange are not limited to 5x4 in size. A famous logic puzzle is the Zebra Puzzle, in which you must figure out who owns the zebra.

If you are unsure how to start, the best way is to try some logic puzzles. I recommend and Puzzler’s Paradise.

Post your puzzles below with the following information:

  • Background information
  • Clues
  • Size - 4x4, 4x3, 5x4, etc. (optional)
  • Grid (optional)
  • How to submit an answer - E-mail, Dungeons PM, HOL message, etc.

Each puzzle you make is worth 10 scales. Solving someone else’s puzzle earns you 5 scales. You are allowed to post and/or solve multiple puzzles, but keep in mind that the maximum number of scales you can earn per month from Puzzle Exchange is 50 scales.

Please remember to edit your post when other people solve your puzzle(s) so they can receive their scales.

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On her first ever trip on the Hogwarts Express, Vivian and her Pygmy Puff ended up in a compartment with four other first years. They became fast friends, chatting the entire train ride. The hottest topic was which class they were most looking forward to and none of them picked the same one. Each student had a different type of pet, who also got acquainted with each other as their owners bonded. For each student, determine their name, the subject they are most looking forward to, the type of pet they own, as well as the name of their pet.

1. Olivia, the owner of Misty (who isn’t Poppy), and the student looking forward to Potions are all different people. Surprisingly, the cat got along with Nibbles the rat.

2. Between Kestrel and the owner of Wayne (who is not a toad), one is excited for Potions and the other student can’t wait for Charms. Poppy doesn’t own the rat.

3. Hopkins doesn’t belong to Poppy, who is very interested in Herbology. Olivia doesn’t think she will like Transfiguration or Charms. 

4. The Pygmy Puff’s owner wasn’t the student who was excited to take Transfiguration. Lize was in awe of the owl and wanted to ask her parents if she could get one.

5. Dixie’s owner doesn’t care for Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts. The toad’s owner can’t wait for Potions.

10 scales (September 2017)


Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Hogwarts Express Logic Puzzle
(This is the first puzzle I wrote from scratch rather than basing it off another puzzle, so if it is broken, let me know that as well!)

Solved by:

Anna Snape 5 scales (September 2017)
Aurelia West 5 scales (September 2017)
Sachiko Murata 5 scales (September 2017)

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