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The Slytherin Dungeons
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw - Task 2

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Without a doubt, Sir Cadogan would not have let Sirius Black into Gryffindor Tower without a fight... or, at the very least, a challenge to a duel! How did the conversation between Sir Cadogan and Sirius Black go? Write out 5 or more lines of the possible exchange.


10 scales if posted before Sunday 27th November, 23:59 HOL time.
5 scales if posted after that but before Wednesday 30th November, 23:59 HOL time.

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The very noble looking Sir Cadogan confronts Sirius Black. Sir Cadogan is mounted on his plump grey horse.


Sir Cadogan: Back off you scurvy cur! You have too many years on you to be a student.

S.B.: growls

Sir Cadogan: Your growling won't aid you to gain entrance to this tower which I guard with my very life!

S.B.: growls louder

Sir Cadogan: You are rude and uncouttttthh - whoa whoooaaaa (to grey horse he rides) WHOA.

S.B.: GROWLS VERY LOUD and snaps his teeth (which is still effective even in human form)


The grey horse upon which Sir Cadogan is mounted shrilly whinnies, rears and bolts -- taking off running -- swinging the doorway open behind it as it leaves. Sir Cadogan, hanging on, armor clanking, "I'll be baaacccckkkkkk....."



*nods* The astute reader will notice that there was no password given here. Sirius had to wait for Sir Cadogan to return. He didn't growl the next time... just read off the list of words that Crookshanks had gotten for him until he got to the correct one and Sir Cadogan let him in.

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Sir Cadogan: Who goes there at this ungodly hour?

Sirius Black: Flibbitygibbet

Sir Cadogan: Ah, noble sir, you appear to be a little out of your time. For that was the password I used three days hence.

Sirius Black: Marmaduke?

Sir Cadogan: You can see into the future as well - You should make your way to the Divination tower instead and use your talents wisely.

Sirius Black: *glances down the list and tries to figure out which is the correct password*

Sir Cadogan: Do you need some assistance with your parchment?

Sirius Black: Just tell me which one it is so I can get in and take my revenge

Sir Cadogan: Why certainly. Anything I can do to help a gentleman on a quest. It is the forth password on the list that you require.

Sirius Black: Acromantula?

Sir Cadogan: Correct! Good luck with your vengence. Let me know if I can be of further assistance to one so mighty and knowledgable.

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Sir Cadogan: Password?


Sirius Black: Step aside, imposter!


Sir Cadogan: Imposter? I am a sworn Knight of the Round Table!


Sirius Black: Oh really. You don’t belong here – you hang in the Divination corridor!


Sir Cadogan: I am here on temporary assignment. I challenge ye to a duel! Stand and fight, ye scurvy cur!


Sirius Black: Some other time, perhaps? Time is of the essence. Now let me pass!


Sir Cadogan: Draw, ye knave, ye dog!


Sirius Black: Ah, you finally recognize me. Joyous Garde!


Sir Cadogan: That’s it – you may pass!

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