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The Slytherin Dungeons
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February Fortescue

Trivia - Dobby's Reward

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Try your hand at these trivia questions for a total of 10 scales.


Send your answers to me in a pm before 31st July 23:59 HOL time.



Dobby's Reward


  1. Why was Harry afraid to explain what had happened to Ginny?

  2. Where did Dumbledore say his sources said Voldemort was currently hiding?

  3. According to Arthur Weasley, how would he have known the diary was full of dark magic?

  4. How many points did Ron receive from Dumbledore for his actions?

  5. Who did Dumbledore say was the last remaining descendant of Salazar Slytherin?

  6. How did Dumbledore prove to Harry he belonged in Gryffindor?

  7. How did Harry find out Malfoy gave Ginny the diary?

  8. What did Hermione say to Harry when she saw him at the feast?

  9. Which class had to be canceled?

  10. Who did Ginny catch Percy kissing?

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