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The Slytherin Dungeons
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February Fortescue

Trivia - The Very Secret Diary

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Try your hand at these trivia questions for a total of 10 scales.


Send your answers to me in a pm before 30th June 23:59 HOL time.



The Very Secret Diary


  1. Who's get well card did Hermione sleep with under her pillow in the hospital wing?

  2. Moaning Mystle was wailing again. Why was she so upset?

  3. Harry notices a book lying on the bathroom floor, and Ron warns him it could be dangerous. Who had warned Ron about unknown books being dangerous?

  4. How does Hermione think Riddle is connected to the Heir of Slytherin?
  5. Which spell did Hermione use to get the diary to reveal it's secrets, even though it didn't work?
  6. What does it signify when Mandrakes are becoming moody and secretive?
  7. How did Gilderoy Lockhart decide to boost the morale of the school?
  8. Which spell did Harry use to get the diary back from Draco?
  9. How did Riddle offer to show Harry what had happened when Riddle caught the Heir of Slytherin?
  10. Why did Riddle decide to catch the Heir of Slytherin?

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