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The Slytherin Dungeons
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February Fortescue

Previous Chamber of Secrets Trivia Questions

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If you missed any of these chapters and would like to go back and answer the questions, especially if you are working towards an award when we finish the book at the end of July.




The Worst Birthday


1. How old is Harry when Chamber of Secrets begins?

2. What is the M word Harry is not allowed to say inside the Dursley's house?

3. Which animal is Vernon's breathing compared to?

4. What is the only thing Harry doesn't miss about Hogwarts?

5. What piece of equipment does Vernon's company make?

6. According to Dudley, when he had to write an essay about his hero at school, who did he say he wrote about?

7. How many letters had Harry received from Ron and Hermione so far during the summer?

8. Which animal was the Dursleys afraid Harry was going to turn them all into?

9. Who was the only Dursley to remember Harry's birthday?

10. What did Petunia allow Harry to eat before the Masons arrived?


Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis



Dobby's Warning


1. What did Harry compare Dobby's clothes to?

2. What was the first thing which Harry asked Dobby to do which caused Dobby to burst into tears?

3. How did Dobby say he will have to punish himself for having come to visit Harry?

4. What was the warning Dobby came to give Harry?

5. What did Vernon blame the upstairs noise on?

6. When Harry refused to tell Dobby he'd not return to Hogwarts, what did Dobby do, “for Harry Potter's own good”?

7. Who ended up covered in Petunia's pudding?

8. What event finally drove the Masons from the Dursley's house?

9. According to the letter Harry received from the Ministry of Magic, how many laws did Harry break?

10. What was the last meal Petunia shoved through the cat flap?



Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis



The Burrow


1. Who was driving the car which freed Harry?

2. How did Fred and George get Harry's Hogwarts trunk when the trunk was downstairs and Harry was locked inside his room?

3. What did Harry yell to the Dursleys when he was in the car and the car flew towards the moon?

4. According to George, the Weasleys don't have a House-elf, but they do have which 2 kinds of creatures?

5. What is the name of Percy's owl?

6. How many hands did the clock have that was on the wall in the kitchen at the Burrow?

7. Which song was playing in the kitchen at the Burrow when Harry first arrived?

8. Who did Molly Weasley turn to for advice on how to de-gnome the garden?

9. When Arthur Weasley arrived home after a long day's work, who did he say tried to put a hex on him?

10. What did Arthur Weasley say was the loophole in the law that allowed him to own a muggle car which had the capability to fly?


Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis


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The Whomping Willow



1) In which building did Fred and George first do fireworks?

2) What is the name of the button Arthur Weasley had installed in the car to make the car become invisible and fly above the clouds?

3) What is the tricky part of getting onto Platform nine and three-quarters?

4) Whose idea was it to fly the car to Hogwarts?

5) What did Harry miss most from not having taken the Hogwarts Express?

6) What did Ron do to try to get the car to stop?

7) What order did Harry give the car, and the car obeyed?

8. Which professor wrote to Harry and Ron's families about their hijinks?

9) Why did Ron think Prof. McGonagall didn't want Harry and him to eat at the feast?

10) Now that Ron and Harry are second years, do they get a new dorm room? Why or why not?


Answered so far:

Arianna Stonewater

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis


Gilderoy Lockhart



1) Which book was Hermione reading during breakfast?

2) What was the one good thing Harry thought the Howler had accomplished?

3) Why did Lockhart think Harry took the flying car to Hogwarts?

4) How many points did Hermione earn for Gryffindor for her knowledge about Mandrakes?

5) What were the mandrake leaves growing out of?

6) Which student joined Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they repotted Mandrakes?

7) Ron was unable to transfigure his beetle into a button, and was unable to see what he was doing. What ended up happening to his beetle?

8. What did Colin Creevey say he would have to do to the pictures of Harry in order to get them to move?

9) What did one of the pixies do to Lockhart's wand after he cast his ineffective spell on them?

10) What excuse did Hermione give for Lockhart leaving them to take care of the pixies?


Answered so far:

Arianna Stonewater

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis



Mudbloods and Murmurs



1) Who was the only person Harry found harder to avoid than Gilderoy Lockart?

2) What was Harry fantasizing about while Oliver Wood was going over his new Quidditch strategy?

3) What did Oliver Wood think the student with the camera was the stands was there for?

4) How did Draco Malfoy suggest the Gryffindor Quidditch team raise money for new brooms?

5) What breed of dog was Fang?

6) Why did Hagrid say Lockhart was visiting him?

7) Why does Hagrid say no one wanted to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts?

8. Which spell did Hermione suspect Hagrid had used on his pumpkins?

9) What color of ink was Harry using to address Lockhart's envelopes?

10) Harry hears a mysterious voice. How is the sound of the voice described?


Answered so far:

Arianna Stonewater

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

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The Deathday Party:



  1. What is the physical side effect of the Pepperup potion?

  2. Which two students were spying on the Slytherin Quidditch team?

  3. What is the one requirement Sir Nicholas does not meet in order to join the Headless Hunt?

  4. While Harry was reading Filch's Kwikspell information, Filch ran after Peeves, who had damaged something very important (and which Draco repairs in The Half Blood Prince.) What is it?

  5. On Halloween, how many years will Sir Nicholas have been dead?

  6. Fred and George are playing with fireworks again! Who or what are they feeding fireworks to?

  7. What was the musical instruments played at the Deathday Party?

  8. Why does Hermione mention she doesn't like to use the girl's bathroom on the first floor?

  9. Why couldn't Nearly Headless Nick finish his speech at his own party?

  10. When the trio found petrified Mrs. Norris, whose idea was it to stay and help?


Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

Karlyn Amherst

Prof.Amy Lupin

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis



The Writing on the Wall


  1. What was Dumbledore's first action when he came to Mrs. Norris?

  2. Why does Filch believe Harry harmed Mrs. Norris?

  3. Why didn't Harry tell the truth about why he went into that corridor instead of into the Halloween feast?

  4. Why does Ron believe Filch hates students so much?

  5. What cleaner does Filch use to attempt to remove the writing on the wall with?

  6. Which Hufflepuff student did Harry notice running away from him?

  7. What did his class do to convince Professor Binns to discuss the Chamber of Secrets?

  8. Why does Hermione think whoever attacked Mrs. Norris could not be human?

  9. Percy says Ginny keeps sobbing. Why does he believe Ginny is so upset?

  10. According to the rules of the Library, what is the only way the trio can get access to the Restricted Section?

Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

Karlyn Amherst

Prof.Amy Lupin

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis



The Rogue Bludger


  1. What was the charm Lockhart used to defeat the Wagga Wagga Werewolf?

  2. Why did Lockhart decide not to try out for the Quidditch National Squad?

  3. What was the name Malfoy called Harry as soon as they were in the air to play the Quidditch match?

  4. Who was the first person to mention that the bludger had been tampered with?

  5. How did Wood decide to deal with the rogue bludger?

  6. How did Harry break his arm?

  7. Who gave Harry the potion to re-grow his bones?

  8. How many death threats does Dobby say he receives each day at home?

  9. Why is Harry a hero to house elves?

  10. Who found petrified Colin Creevey?

Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

Karlyn Amherst

Prof.Amy Lupin

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis



The Dueling Club


  1. What was Percy Weasley's comment to Harry when Harry passed him leaving the library?

  2. Who does Ron believe was the first person to open the Chamber of Secrets?

  3. How does Harry distract Professor Snape while Hermione stole potions ingredients?

  4. Which professor was a dueling champion?

  5. In the Dueling Club duel, who did Professor Snape partner Ron up with?

  6. Which professor first offered to get rid of the snake Draco conjured up?

  7. Why does Ron think it's bad that Harry is a Parselmouth?

  8. Why is Justin Finch-Fletchley hiding from Harry?

  9. Who do several Hufflepuffs believe is the Heir of Slytherin?

  10. Which ghost has become petrified?

Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

Karlyn Amherst

Prof.Amy Lupin

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

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The Polyjuice Potion



  1. When Harry visited Dumbledore's office for the first time, what was the first question the Sorting Hat asked Harry when he put the Hat back on?

  2. There were two dead birds in Dumbledore's office. One came back to life, and one was brought in by Hagrid. What were they?

  3. Professor Dumbledore didn't think Harry attacked the students, but he still wanted to talk to Harry. Why?

  4. Why did Ron think Draco looked sour every time Fred and George teased Harry about being called the Heir of Slytherin?

  5. Why did Percy say he was remaining at Hogwarts over the Christmas holiday?

  6. What did Harry's Polyjuice Potion taste like?

  7. According to the article about Mr. Weasley in The Daily Prophet, if the reporters didn't go away, what would Mrs. Weasley release on them?

  8. Where did Draco say the family had their own secret chamber at Malfoy Manor?

  9. What excuse did Ron use for running out of the Slytherin Dungeons?

  10. After Hermione drank the polyjuice potion, what color did the new fur on her face become?

Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater




The Very Secret Diary


  1. Who's get well card did Hermione sleep with under her pillow in the hospital wing?

  2. Moaning Mystle was wailing again. Why was she so upset?

  3. Harry notices a book lying on the bathroom floor, and Ron warns him it could be dangerous. Who had warned Ron about unknown books being dangerous?

  4. How does Hermione think Riddle is connected to the Heir of Slytherin?

  5. Which spell did Hermione use to get the diary to reveal it's secrets, even though it didn't work?

  6. What does it signify when Mandrakes are becoming moody and secretive?

  7. How did Gilderoy Lockhart decide to boost the morale of the school?

  8. Which spell did Harry use to get the diary back from Draco?

  9. How did Riddle offer to show Harry what had happened when Riddle caught the Heir of Slytherin?

  10. Why did Riddle decide to catch the Heir of Slytherin?

Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater



Cornelius Fudge



  1. Who does Ron say Riddle reminds him of?

  2. When did Professor Sprout say she'd know the mandrakes were fully mature?

  3. How did Harry decide which subjects to take for his third year?

  4. After the Quidditch match was canceled, which student “landed and ran toward Professor McGonagall without getting off his broomstick”?

  5. Who else was petrified, along with Hermione?

  6. McGonagall announces Hogwarts may be closed. Who does Harry decide to question about the Chamber of Secrets?

  7. What weapon did Hagrid aim at Ron and Harry?

  8. Why was Lucius Malfoy looking for Headmaster Dumbledore?

  9. How many members are there on the Board of Governors?

  10. What was Hagrid's last request before he left for Azkaban?


Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater







  1. Why wouldn't Madam Pomfrey allow Harry or Ron to visit Hermione?

  2. Who did Draco tell to apply for Headmaster?

  3. Why does Ernie Macmillan now believe Harry is innocent?

  4. Which wood were the entrance doors to the front of the castle made from?

  5. How were Harry and Ron able to follow the spiders through the dark forest?

  6. The spiders which carried Harry were so large, which creature were they compared to?

  7. What is the name of Aragog's wife?

  8. While the car was rescuing Harry, Ron, and Fang, which part of the car broke off after hitting an oak tree?

  9. Where had Harry left his Invisibility Cloak?

  10. Why does Harry think Hagrid sent Ron and him to follow the spiders?


Answered so far by:

Arianna Stonewater

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