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The Slytherin Dungeons
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February Fortescue

Trivia - Gilderoy Lockhart

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Try your hand at these trivia questions for a total of 10 scales.


Send your answers to me in a pm before 30th April 23:59 HOL time.




1) Which book was Hermione reading during breakfast?

2) What was the one good thing Harry thought the Howler had accomplished?

3) Why did Lockhart think Harry took the flying car to Hogwarts?

4) How many points did Hermione earn for Gryffindor for her knowledge about Mandrakes?

5) What were the mandrake leaves growing out of?

6) Which student joined Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they repotted Mandrakes?

7) Ron was unable to transfigure his beetle into a button, and was unable to see what he was doing. What ended up happening to his beetle?

8. What did Colin Creevey say he would have to do to the pictures of Harry in order to get them to move?

9) What did one of the pixies do to Lockhart's wand after he cast his ineffective spell on them?

10) What excuse did Hermione give for Lockhart leaving them to take care of the pixies?

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