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And now I also have a toad, Keroppi!


February, I'm pretty lucky; Commodore has "expensive" tastes and only eats the finest canned cat food (also, i think she's too lazy to pick apart the feathers, haha). We'll see how they both do with Keroppi; though i'm hoping her brilliant colors keep her safe

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PURPLE! You have a purple present in here! What is it?


*tears it open*


OUCH. It bite me. Awwww it's so CUTE . . .


Thank you, Arianna!


Sorry about the biting, sometimes they do that!
I tried to send you a message as I did the others, but apparently your inbox is full! So, your present also contains this puzzle! It's a word search and a maze! The 11 words create the path through the maze :D If you send me a screenshot of the path and the 11 words, i will also send you 10 beans! Merry Christmas!
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