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The Slytherin Dungeons
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

SerpenTimes Ideas

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So you want to submit to SerpenTimes, but need an idea or two? You're in the right place! Any approved ideas will be listed below. Feel free to claim anything that does not have a name by it. If you have any other ideas, you can reply to this thread or send them in to serpentimes.hol@gmail.com.

Next Deadline: 15th June
SerpenTimes Points Spreadsheet

ARTICLES - HOL happenings, Quidditch recaps, interviews, reviews, recipes, and more!
Delicious Destinations --- Maxim Trevelyan
Game Worlds --- Shiloh Adlar
Inhabiting Fictional Worlds --- Sky Alton
Review --- Maxim Trevelyan
Technological Influences on the Real World --- Shiloh Adlar

COLUMNS - If you have an idea for a column, fill out an application and send it in!
Claws, Paws, and That's Not All --- February Fortescue
Harry Potter Read-Along Update --- Arianna Stonewater
How Did They Do It? --- February Fortescue
Meet the Snake --- Arianna Stonewater
Snake Charm --- Hope Stark
Spoonful of Supplements --- Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
TBD --- Aurelia West

GRAPHICS - maximum width 600 px
SerpenTimes --- Gail Allen
SQT --- Gail Allen
Green versus Silver 

Green Team --- Shiloh Adlar
Silver Team
Silly Snakes
Harry Potter Read-Along
Puzzle Exchange
Slytherin Study Hall 

HOL Book Club -- Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
HOLLERS --- Polaris Black
Quidditch Pickups
Gathering and Games

SUPERLATIVES - must be exactly 350x350 px
Most Tactical --- Polaris Black
Computer Whiz --- Maxim Trevelyan
Most likely to domesticate a Thunderbird --- Maxim Trevelyan
Most likely to win a game of Shuntbumps --- Polaris Black
Most likely to turn up in the middle of the Sahara Desert --- Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

Crossword --- Shiloh Adlar
Cryptogram --- Shiloh Adlar
Fallen Letters --- Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
Jigsaw --- Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
Numbrix --- Polaris Black
Visual Sudoku --- Polaris Black


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If it's okay, I'd like to do an article on inhabiting fictional worlds as a disabled reader (using Ready Player 1, HP and The Hunger Games as reference points)

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I'll do a cryptogram and a crossword for my two puzzles. I can also take the green team graphic since I'm a guest in the green clan for the OASIS activity. For my two articles, I think I could probably do an article on game worlds which include World of Warcraft and the anime series .hack as well as the movie Summer Wars and the details around their story lines or something. The other article could be similar but using the premise of my thoughts on how the world would change and how it is changing with our use of technology in every day things with references to shows such as Battlestar Galactica and Caprica and movies/books such as Summer Wars and Ready Player One.

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