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The Slytherin Dungeons
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So you want to submit to SerpenTimes, but need an idea or two? You're in the right place! Any approved ideas will be listed below. Feel free to claim anything that does not have a name by it. If you have any other ideas, you can reply to this thread or send them in to serpentimes.hol@gmail.com.

Next Deadline: 15th October
SerpenTimes Points Spreadsheet

ARTICLES - HOL happenings, Quidditch recaps, interviews, reviews, recipes, and more!
Book Blog Community --- Shiloh Adlar
The Chaser Race --- Will Lestrange
Finding Your Oasis --- Amaryllis Storm
Issues in Communities --- Shiloh Adlar
LeakyCon 2018 -- Shiloh Adlar
Review --- Maxim Trevelyan

COLUMNS - If you have an idea for a column, fill out an application and send it in!
Delicious Destinations --- Maxim Trevelyan
Elegant Entertaining --- Amaryllis Storm
Harry Potter Read-Along Update --- Arianna Stonewater
Iverian's Interviews --- Iverian Gnash
Meet the Snake --- Arianna Stonewater
Quidditch --- Cody Lewis
Relaxation --- Amaryllis Storm
Snake Charm --- Hope Stark
Spoonful of Supplements --- Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

GRAPHICS - maximum width 600 px
SerpenTimes --- Sirius Fudge
SQT --- Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
Green versus Silver 
Green Team 
Silver Team

Silly Snakes --- Vanessa Tilley
Harry Potter Read-Along --- Sirius Fudge
Puzzle Exchange

HOL Book Club --- Vanessa Tilley

Quidditch Pickups
Gathering and Games

SUPERLATIVES - must be exactly 350x350 px
Best Teammate --- Maxim Trevelyan
Most HOL Spirit --- Cody Lewis
Most Encouraging --- Polaris Black
Most likely to join the Frog Choir --- Polaris Black
Most likely to write an advice column --- Maxim Trevelyan

Cryptogram --- Vanessa Tilley
Fallen Phrase --- Vanessa Tilley
Logic Puzzle --- Shiloh Adlar
Numbrix --- Polaris Black
Visual Sudoku --- Polaris Black
Wordsearch --- Shiloh Adlar

Coloring Page --- Amaryllis Storm
Mad-Lib --- Khaleesia Marie Lilith
Recipe --- Vanessa Tilley

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I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it on time for this issue but I’d love to write it anyway:


”The Chaser Race:  Wasted Opportunities for Excitement”


as an article talking about how the Quaffle side of Quidditch matches has largely devolved into a race between the leading Chaser of each team to score goals!  (I think of it as a potential sequel to Cody’s “The Most Important Ball” from a year and a half ago.)

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Hello! Would I be able to conduct interviews with fellow HOL members and have them in Serpentimes? How often does an issue of Serpentimes get published. Is it a weekly thing or more of a monthly thing or does it just depend on how many submissions you get? I could conduct interviews with people from all different houses about all different things like a Hufflepuff about Quidditch, a Slytherin about music, a Ravenclaw about favorite ways to travel, and maybe a Gryffindor about how important their homework is. ;) Would this be a good thing for the newspaper? By the way, I am a Gryffindor. Would that be a problem? Thanks!

Edited by Iverian Gnash

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Interviews are welcome!

We generally put out four issues a year: October, January, March and June.

We encourage submissions from all members of HOL, regardless of their House. The other House newspapers do the same.

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Hi, I would like to write an Article titles Finding Your Oasis. It will be aimed at finding ways to de-stress with the new school year starting, I would also like to add an Advance coloring page as one example of de-stressing and or a recipe.

Another possible future article is Entertaining for Slytherins, a column featuring recipes and entertaining ideas for the up and coming Slytherins.

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