Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

Grab Bag Writing Challenge

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Introducing the Grab Bag Writing Challenge!

Write a short story at least 250 words in length that includes the words in the list provided. Each word used in the story is worth one point for a maximum of 15 points. Any form of the words (change the tense, make them plural, etc.) can be used. Be creative and have fun!

  • abstract
  • cloak
  • dagger
  • enigma
  • faint
  • guess
  • hide
  • mystery
  • perplex
  • secret
  • spy
  • thrill
  • unknown
  • veil
  • whisper
Deadline: 15th October

Send your story to (Subject: Grab Bag) to earn up to 15 points.
Make sure to highlight/bold/underline the words that you use in your submission.
Please include your HOL name, HOL-ID, and house with your story.

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