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The Slytherin Dungeons
Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

SerpenTimes Superlatives

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SerpenTimes is including Superlatives with all issues.

For each issue, five superlatives will be listed. Everyone is invited to send in nominations for all five superlatives. HOL'ers from any house can be nominated and more than one person can be nominated for each superlative. Reasoning for the nomination(s) must be sent in along with the names. Make sure the reasoning is at least one full sentence or the nomination will be discarded.


  • Most Pensive
  • Most likely to keep a secret diary
  • Best reflection of their House's qualities
  • Most likely to keep their New Year's Resolutions
  • Most likely to be enchanted by the Mirror of Erised
Deadline: 15th January

Send all nominations to serpentimes.hol@gmail.com (Subject: Superlatives) to earn up to 5 points.
Please include your HOL name and house with your nomination(s).

If you have any suggestions for superlatives, include them in your e-mail. You will receive 10 beans if we use your superlative suggestion for a future issue. If you'd like to create a graphic for one of the superlatives, head on over to the ideas thread and claim one!

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