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Party Time - all welcome

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Max surveyed the common room with a sense of pride. He'd been working for a couple of hours now to make sure that everything was perfect for the big party and he was finally happy with his efforts. Silver and green bunting snaked across the ceiling with silvery stars hovering in the air between it. A fair bit of research and the help of some of the older students had been neccessary for the decorations as they were beyond the magic he'd been taught so far at Hogwarts, though the effort made the common room look even better in Max's opinion.


Over to one side, away from the fireplace, a table stretched along the wall filled with snacks, heavily themed around Slytherin pride. Max had had a bit of a tough time getting the house elves to meet his demands but it had been worth it in the end as the food looked delicious and no one would have difficulty recognising which house the celebration belonged to. Cupcakes were decorated with green and silver sparkles; sandwiches were cut to resemble the Slytherin house crest; anything that could be made into an s shape had been and of course bowls and bowls of sweets of all kinds were dotted up and down the table. Towards one end sat a large jug of pumpkin juice, which the house elves had assured Max would magically refill itself if it got close to emptying, and a couple of dozen bottles of butterbeer.


Max had put the idea of a party to the Slytherin Prefects at the start of term and had gotten enough enthusiasm back from them that he decided to roll with the idea. It had taken a couple of weeks longer to organise than he had anticipated but he wasn't too upset by this; at least it meant that the welcome feast memories were starting to fade away and no one would be too full so as not to enjoy the food he'd arranged for them all.


With a gentle flick of his wand, Max straightened a "Welcome Hatchlings" banner which he had wonkily placed above the fire and smiled. The common room would soon be full and he was looking forward to a good night and an awesome party.


Anyone in Slytherin house is welcome to join in this RP.

Scales can be earnt for participation which follows the RP rules set out in this post.

Have fun!

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Theodora entered the room as she came back from her Muggle study:British History Class. Really, those Muggles were quite odd. Weren't they ? Why dress like easter eggs if you couldn't move around properly in your own attire ? Even more so if you were some sort of Queen, shouldn't you be able to fend for yourself if needed ?

Right as she sighed in consternation at the thought, raising her eyes to the sky disapprovingly, her eyes set themselves upon the gleaming decorations hanged from one side of the ceiling to the other. Talking about Easter eggs...

The young girl blinked, not quite believing her eyes. Ever since she had been sorted into Slytherin and started attending her first classes, she got into the idea that the snakes were fairly independent creatures, if not solitary. She seldom saw groups of Slytherins hanging out together like the other houses seem prone to do. Except for the Ravenclaw, maybe. They seemed more interested in their books than in their yearmates as well. Or had she been wrong ? Were the Snakes merely more discreet in their displays of kinship ?


Her 11 years old self longed for this feeling of kinship she had dreamt about upon listening to her mother's memories of school. Growing up with nobody but her older bully of a brother for half of her life, she had grown accustomed to solitude, and the arrival of her little sister did little to outbalance this habit, as she was but almost 6 when Theodora had received her letter then set for Durmstrang where she spent her first semester.

Yet she still, somehow, wished she would meet fellow students with whom she would manage to bond enough to recall her Hogwarts' days with a fond smile like her mother did. Of course she would never go so far as to voice such an shameful thing. Thinking it was embarrasing enough.

But at 11 years-old, the young girl didn't need to voice her wishes and feelings, for no matter how well-bread she had been, her very expressive face was still an open book to those who would pay attention.


She took another step into the room, looking all over the place, her eyes trying not to miss any of the details of the room, when she finally noticed someone was here. Feeling her cheeks heating for shame of not having noticed earlier, she looked up at the older boy in front of her. Who was he already? She had seen him before, but then again, she had so many new faces to remember... Deciding that silence wasn't comfortable in this situation, she broke it, trying to collect hersef as she asked:


"Hello. Is this your doing?"


10 scales awarded for your RP


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Max was relieved when someone finally arrived at the party. He probably should have advertised it better to make sure his housemates hurried back from lessons but as this was the first party Max had thrown he hadn't thought everything through fully. He was a boy, after all; Details often escaped him! And even though lessons were important to him, he didn't regret skipping class that afternoon to work on the decorations.


"Hi," he said awkwardly, not sure whether to shake the new girl's hand or not in greeting. "I'm Maxwell, but everyone calls me Max". He looked around at the decorations again and smiled. "Yeah I put them up. Took me blummin' ages but I hope they look okay..." He felt a wave of self-consciousness threatening to engulf him once more; talking to people wasn't really one of his favourite past times, especially girls, but he knew that he had to make an effort to be friendly and confident.


He noticed that the girl looked a little embarassed to be the first one to arrive but he thought he also caught a glimpse of something else in her eyes... she liked the decorations, he was sure of it. "Can I get you a drink or something to eat?" Max asked, indicating the table behind him. He knew she could get it himself but he felt it was the gentlemanly thing to do to offer.

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