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The Slytherin Dungeons
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Maxwell Shadow

Slytherin Dorms Information

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Welcome to the Slytherin Dorms!


The Slytherin Dorms are a place for you to hang out with your fellow Slytherins away from the prying eyes of the other houses. Your dorm can be a place where you RP with friends or just a place where people can pop by to say "hi". Look at some of the posts already in this forum to see what types of things go on in the dorms.



  • Anyone in Slytherin house can have a dorm room. Simply create a thread in this forum with your name in the title.
  • You can have as many people sharing a dorm room with you as you like or have a room on your own.
  • Dorm rooms do not have to be single sex and you can have a mixture of male and female dorm mates.
  • If you are looking for a dorm mate you can post in this thread.
  • If you do not want people to post in your dorm please say so in the initial post as otherwise you are likely to have lots of visitors.
  • Also state in your initial post if you want your dorm to be RP only or if you are happy for other posts.
  • Please keep your content G-rated and remember that all HOL Rules apply!


  • You can get 10 scales for adding a graphic of your dorm.
  • 10 scales are available for each member of the dorm and will be given to the person who created the graphic for that person. (i.e. if you have three members and create a picture showing all of their belongings/interests or three separate images then this will be worth 30 scales).
  • Please make a post in the scales topic in this forum to say who you want the scales to go to. If you don't post there then I'll give the scales to the person who started the dorm thread.
  • You can only get the reward once per member.
  • Templates which you might find useful when creating your graphic can be found in this thread but you are not limited to using those images. As long as it is HOL appropriate anything goes.

Archived Dorms:

  • Any dorms belonging to members who have not logged into the Dungeons in 2013 have been moved to the Slytherin Archive.
  • You can find them in the RPG Archive section.
  • If you think your dorm has been moved there by mistake please let me know so I can move it back.
  • If you want an old dorm to be moved to the archive please post here and I will move it.

Any questions? Please post them here.


Have fun


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