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The Slytherin Dungeons
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Maxwell Shadow

Dorm Templates

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Here are some images you might wish to use when designing your dorm room but if you're inspired to use something else feel free! Remember you will get 10 scales per person for designing your room (see the information thread). Images have been borrowed from DeviantArt accounts neko-hime-cfi and hogwarts-castle and the original post from Prof. Miette Bynny so all credit goes to them.


One bed dorm



One bed dorm with space for info



Two bed dorm



Two person information only (no beds)



Three person dorm




If you're looking for a doll to put in your dorm room you might find the following Potter dollmakers useful:


Male and Female together: http://www.dolldivin...scene-maker.php

Male and Female separate: http://www.dolldivin...uples-maker.php

Hogwarts girl small: http://www.dolldivin...arts-avatar.php

Hogwarts girl bigger: http://www.dolldivin...udent-maker.php

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