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The Slytherin Dungeons

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Outside the castle walls, and along a path just beyond the Greenhouses stood a tall cedar tree. Sprawling branches and twisting trunks spread out several feet from it's center. The gentle breeze and trickling rain weren't able to seep all the way into it, leaving all under safe from being soaked.


It was just after lunch, and Tyler had a free period. The last traces of the summer heat welled around him, as he tossed his green and silver tie to the ground. Taking a seat with his back to the huge trunk, he dragged his bookbag out from under him. One book on each knee, he ran a hand through his platinum hair, tying it up into a ponytail, and flipped to the first page of 'Quiddich Through The Ages.' Though he wasn't in a Quiddich course, he was taking flying--and a very kind third year on the team had offered to show him the ropes.


Sighing, he tossed the small green book back into his bag, and opened the one on his other knee. Grabbing for a quill, some ink, and a scrap of paper--he began jotting down notes for tomorrow's classes.


"I despise Word Magic homework..." He mumbled to no one in particular.

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In a devious way, Panda hummed to herself, clomping through the wet grass along the outside of the herbology greenhouses. She could see her class in Greenhouse Two, learning about those satanic mandrakes. Gosh Panda hated them. So instead of going to class, Panda kept walking, through the rain, right past the greenhouse and toward an old cedar tree she had stumbled upon last year.


Panda held her arms up to the crying sky, the thunderous grey of the clouds, and the brisk air, giggling. She had loved rain with all her heart, reminding her of the times she had spent with her father on their grounds. They both suffered from insomnia, and would walk together through the Gotham grounds, the scent of rain and morning dew permiated the air around them. She adored it, worshipped it. It was her sanity, her sanctum. Then, she left.


Panda shook her head, trying admirably to clear the dreaded thoughts of Norway from her head. London was her home now. Hogwarts even more. Panda kept clumping throgh the grass, wet blades sticking to her combat boots. She looked up from her shoes to see a boy under the cedar tree, looking to be doing homework. Panda smiled. 'Psssht! Homework! That's for never!' Instead of turning around to go to the Black Lake like she would if somebody else were there, Panda kept drudging through the rain and grass, getting closer to the boy with platinum hair tied back.

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