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The Slytherin Dungeons

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eh, I squibbed for many reasons but the main thing being that HOL should just be really fun. I mean it's not that serious, it's an internet website for goodness sakes, and Slytherin is the most fun of all. Actually, when I squibbed there was quite a bit of drama happening in Slytherin HOL, expulsions and people quitting HOL and such. It was messy, lots of blood haha

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well it goes, "wand waving" you're a squib BUT then you have to actually be accepted into the house, they don't just say oh you want to switch houses okay thats fine. It's more serious than that, but ultimately the upper level HOL homies really want you to be happy and enjoy your time here so if you make a good case, you can do it. The six months of nothing tends to deter some people. I actually considered staying a squib for awhile but I'm happy here in Slytherin

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