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The Slytherin Dungeons

Looking for Trouble

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"Um....." Rose tried to stall for time. No one was supposed to know that there was an eighth floor. No one! She had found it by accident when she was in her first week.

*Rose walked down the hallway, looking right and left. That sixth year Gryffindor had told her that Potions was somewhere on the seventh floor. "No," she had corrected him. "It's in the dungeons. My brother told me." The Gryffindor told her that it had moved. So here she was, walking along a deserted corridor on the seventh floor. Finally, she reached the end of the hall. A door stood in front of her, blocking her way. She tried the handle. it turned. Rose pushed the door open. It opened easily, revealing a set of dark red carpeted stairs. She climbed them, wincing at every creak. Rose shook herself out of the memory. "Nothing," she snapped, perhaps a little harsher then she'd intended.

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Iverian decided to go along with them. She had seen the incident that had just played out. Now she was curious. What was on the eighth floor? She followed the sisters and her Gryffindor friend, Kailey, to the Slytherin common room. She followed them right in. Immediately, the Slytherins realized they had unwanted company. “What are you two doing here?” a Slytherin student demanded. “Umm... nothing, we were just looking for my pet cockatiel. He flies around the place and gets lost sometimes. Anyway, we’d better get going; he’s definitively not in here.” Iverian turned to leave and headed straight for the eighth floor. She kind of wanted a friend to go with her.

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Anastasia hears the commotion as she was busy snooping around on the 8th floor and puts her head on the door to listen to the drama unfold. The fights between Slytherin and Grphyndor are legendary and she could not wait for the gossip she would get to tell the rest of the common room. Suddenly the room goes quiet and the door swings open and Anastasia falls to the floor. "What the hell are you doing" Crystal demands. "Minding your business" Anastasia replies rolling her eyes. "Why are you all on this floor its forbidden?" Professor Snape asks...

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