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The Slytherin Dungeons

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Alaia looked around with a satisfied smirk on her face. She had just finished putting the finishing touches on Professor Marin-Booth's new 'playroom' that her fellow prefect Ariel Kingston had worked long and hard on.

Now Professor Marin-Booth has someplace to play with the trolls she thought to herself, as she envisioned all the fun to come.

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*Bull walks scared with a note in his hands that says,


Dear Prof. Marin-Booth Mr. Bull J. Johnson has missed my class for a whole week since you are in charge of punishments in Slytherin House I thought you should know this. Signed Prof. Amy Lupin"


*Bull tries to put it on Professor. Marin-Booth's desk and sneak out hoping this time he gets away with a warning, but knows that is usally very unlikly because Professor. Daphne Marin-Booth doesn't like seeing her Slytherins being lazy she expects her Slytherins to be at their best at all time.*

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