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The Slytherin Dungeons

New Season, New Antics

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Alaia squared her shoulders and made a final adjustment to her tie. The first time she entered the Dungeons in the new term, she wanted to look her best. Satisfied that she looked immaculate as ever, Alaia looked around to ensure there were no stray badgers, eagles or lions in sight.


Alaia murmured "pure-blood" and watched with satisfaction as the previously hidden doors swung open for her. She stepped inside the Common Room and frowned when she saw the carnage ensuing. Students were running in all directions, shouting to their friends, and laying claim to the various pieces of furniture.


Where are they? Alaia thought as she scanned the room for her fellow Prefects. No doubt going insane trying to keep the new students in line. So pleased I managed to avoid that particular duty this year.


Alaia's eyes passed over the area traditionally claimed by SQT, and narrowed when she saw some first years lounging around like they owned the place. She marched over to them.


"Welcome to Slytherin house". Alaia said with her usual barely hidden sarcastic tone. "My name is Alaia Logan, and I am a third year Prefect. If any of you need anything, feel free to come to me, my door is always open. However, if you are going to make yourselves at home in the area belonging to the Slytherin Quidditch Team, you better be bringing some skills with you. If not, I suggest you leave now".


Alaia watched with an amused smirk on her face as half of the first years immediately got to their feet and scurried away as though she was going to curse them. Newbies. She turned to the few who remained.


"Well, well, well. So, we have some contenders do we? You lot better hope you are as good as you obviously think you are".

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With narrowed eyes and a sneer that could rival the dark lord's, she walked the hall towards her house's common room. It was finally time to welcome new students to the school. She had already taken some joke shop items from a few Gryffindors, grab a few Ravenclaws trying to sneak into the restricted section in the library and honestly she just liked to scare the Hufflepuffs just to do it. So,she was seeking refuge in one place where she knew she didn't have to worry about anything, the Slytherin common room.


She came to the wall and uttered a low "Pure Blood" and watched the wall open up to reveal the common room entrance. She loved the wall instead of having to talk to a silly portrait. Once the way was opened, she swept into the dungeons. Students old and new seemed to move out of the way (out of respect of course) when she walked by. She stopped at the opening to the main area in the common room. Her mind wandered back to when she was a student and how she had taken over a corner of the dungeons just for her and her friends. That corner now belong to another group, another worthy group. Her eyes scanned to where she knew the prefects sat to over where the SQT normally hung out.


It was then she noticed all the students. Some of them she knew others she took in for the first time. She had seen them at the sorting feast but now, she could really pay attention to the students she had in her house. Some looked timid, which she would have to break them in (there would be no timid snakes) to those who were smug who also needed to be broken in (they needed to know who were at the top of the chain) to those who were indifferent. She noticed a student she had needed to speak to.


"Ms. Logan, can I have a word?"

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Alaia grinned at the fear she saw on the faces of the first-years. Just how I like it she thought to herself. She cast a critical eye over the group wondering which of them would survive the quidditch tryouts. She was just about to start her scare campaign when she became aware of the fact that the common room had gone strangely quiet.


Must be someone with some power, she thought, that's usually the only thing that makes this room go silent.


Alaia was startled from her reverie by a voice behind her.


"Ms. Logan, can I have a word?" Alaia spun around to find herself face to face with no other than the Slytherin Deputy Head of House, Professor Marin-Booth. Oh hell, what have I done now? I've only been back 5 minutes. If that little idiot of a Gryff dobbed me in, there's going to be trouble.


"Good morning, Professor. I hope you had a lovely holiday?"

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She smirked to herself as the room grew eerily quiet. She had to admit, being in power was kinda fun sometimes. However, she wasn't there to strike fear into everyone, at least not until classes began. She gave Alaia a smirk as the young girl looked at her like she had done something wrong.


"My holiday was quite well. I hope yours was the same. Now, with the beginning of the new term, I hope that quidditch tryouts will be soon? I would love to see Slytherin bring home the cup this year."

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Oh thank god, I was sure she had found out about [censored by Basil].


"Thank you Professor, I had a lovely holiday in France. It's good to be back though" Alaia saw the movement of a door opening out of the corner of her eye. A huge smile lit up her face as she saw Justine walk in the room.


"Professor, Justine has just arrived, she can tell you about the plans for the tryouts".

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Justine hurried down the hall from her dorm, frowning to herself. I hope Ivy doesn't decide to be nosy and find my journal. There's nothing incriminating there, but still...


She's just opened the door and entered the room when she heard Alaia say her name. She looked up, frown melting into a smile at the sight of her friend talking to her Deputy Head of House.


"Hi Alaia, Professor!" she said once she was beside them. "Did I hear you say something about tryouts?"

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She turned her head to her Slytherin quidditch captian with a smile.


"Ms. Provencal, just the Slytherin I wanted to see. I was mentioning to Alaia here that with new students mean new quidditch players. I know you will have tryouts soon? I am looking for a quidditch cup this year."


She could only smile at the two students. They had been working hard these past terms and they deserved everything they got. She might have been Dhoh but she rewarded her students who do well.


"You both will also find that the Slytherin quidditch team's broomsticks have been updated for this year."

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Justine's smile widened. Seriously, could we possibly ask for a better DHoH?


"Thank you, Professor! We're going to have a fantastic team this year for sure, but it definitely doesn't hurt to have that extra edge if we ever want to beat Ravenclaw!"


She was positively itching to drop everything and run down to the broom shed to check out the new brooms, but she refrained. She had to at least try to be a good example.


"As for tryouts, Professor, they'll definitely be soon! Ashley is leading a Boot Camp to train the new students up a bit first, and then they will have the opportunity to try out at the end of the month. That way, we'll be sure to recruit the very best."

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Lillian listened with interest to the Prefects. One day I'll be there, she thought with a grin on her face.


When they finished talking to the newbies like her, she began to look around with her eyes wide open, looking fascinated to the walls and all the stuff of the common room. She really loved the green and silver combination.

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Jem made her way from the Great Hall slowly enough to enjoy the castle again, making sure to take the long way back to the Dungeons.


How I've missed this place, she thought turning a courner. Taking a deep breath and inhaling the familiar smell that is Hogwarts Jem paused mid step, reviling in the feeling of once more being home.


"Speaking of home," Jem added out loud "I better hurry to the dungeons and make sure I get the good bed in my dorm." Starting to jog lightly Jem made it to the dungeons and all but threw the common rooms doors open. This earned her a few frighten stares from a couple of first years hanging out by the exit along with a couple of eye rolls from her friend.


Maybe a bit to dramatic of me. Oh what the heck, I'm a Slytherin it's allowed. She thought with a smirk. Walking over to Justine.


"Don't be too eager to get started now Tini. We need you relaxed come the first game," Jem said hearing the end of her friends response to the Deputy Head of House which was doused in excitement and anticipation. Hugging Justine hello she added, "After all it won't be easy."

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Ivy ran down from Justine's dorm, carrying a book of sorts. "Can I borrow this?" She asked curiously, holding it up so the girl could see the title - she hoped. She hadn't even noticed the journal, she'd just been fascinated by everything else.

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"Good good, the team deserves only the best players. Now let me know when you all will need the pitch and I will put in a request for it."


She turned her head as the activity in the dungeons seemed to pick up. More students were entering or coming from their dorms. She wondered how many arguments would take place when it came to rooms and the picking of them. She knew that if anyone would have been in her dorm as a student they would have been cursed then kicked out. Ah the joys of Slytherin life. She heard a voice speaking to Justine and turned back to see another one of her students.


"Ms. Reed, it is good to see you back."


A movement in the corner caught her attention. She saw a student trying to smuggle in some joke items. No, that would not work.


"If you all would excuse me...."


She turned and went to the student away from everyone and spoke in low tones. However, the look on the students frightened face said it all. After confiscating the items, she took a spot in a corner and watched her house.

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Vera Prince cautiously entered the common room, intent on scoping out the area. She sighed happily as she entered the comfortable room bedecked in silver and green. This year is going to be so much fun.


As she wandered further into the room, a conversation about Quidditch caught her attention. Vera listened to the dHOH speak with a few older students and sighed. She really wanted to be a part of the Quidditch team, but she was too much of a klutz to be successful. Maybe I could join the bootcamp? As the dHOH walked away, Vera made her decision.


Squaring her shoulders, Vera marched up to the girls discussing Quidditch and stared up at them intently, hoping they'd notice her before she was forced to hesitantly announce herself. In the process of marching, she ran into another first year and fell, tumbling, to the ground, bringing the first year (who was holding a journal) and the Prefect down with her.


Oh, gosh. What a horrible time to be clumsy...

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Aurelia West entered the common room trying her best to be as inconspicuous as possible. She had heard that some of the other first years had gotten yelled at for being in the SQT area. Making a note of that area of the common room in her mind, she decided that she wouldn't go over there for the time being.


Skirting around the crowd, she tried to make her way to the dormitory when suddenly everyone became quiet. As the crowd parted, Bree saw a figure walking through the crowd that was hard to mistake. Professor Marin-Booth, the Deputy Head of House. Someone she should probably avoid until she had learned the ropes. She wasn't scared or anything. She'd just rather not be yelled at or fed to Basil.


When the room had started talking again, Bree tried unsuccessfully to get to the dorms. Honestly, she just wanted to relax, maybe meet some fellow snakes who hopefully were perhaps as clueless as her. But of course it they were not, they could always help her find her way around.


Bree sighed. Though she loved Slytherin house, she vainly wondered why she couldn't have gotten in a house with her sisters Lucy and Nina. They could tell her how things worked. Here in Slytherin, she had nobody. Well time to make some friends, she thought as she finally managed to get to the first year dorm.

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