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The Slytherin Dungeons

Registration Guidelines

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Hi new students,

Please note the following requirements when creating an account in the Dungeons.


  • You MUST be a member of HOL otherwise your registration will be rejected.
  • You MUST use your HOL name (first and last)

If you do not meet these guidelines your registration will be rejected.

We endeavour to have all registrations approved/rejected as quickly as possible, but due to real life commitments it can take up to a week.

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Just for clarification purposes, here is a quick guide to what you need to enter when registering:

Username: Please put your FULL HOL name, with a space in between. 'Harry Potter' would be correct, 'HarryPotter, HarryP, Harry1234, H-Dog' would all be incorrect.
E-mail address: Use the same one you signed up for HOL with.
Password: Please use something you will remember.
Confirm Password: Needs to be the same as the one above.
Registration Question: Basic maths - just answer it.
Security Check: Type the words you see.

And there you have it, a nice easy guide to registering an account.

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Giving this a bump!

New accounts will not be approved until after you validate your email. Please make sure you register with your full HOL name.


Congratulations. You have found the Slytherin Crest. This is Item #1 of Week Two: Serpentine Souvenirs 2021. Send this post to Lucia Dinapoli via Dungeons PM with subject “Serpentine Souvenirs: W2/1” to collect your scales.


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