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It was a bright beautiful sunny day.. which is exactly the kind of days Ethan hates.


It had been weeks since Hogwarts saw a dark cloud in the sky. This caused Ethan to spend most of his free time sitting in a tree down by the lake.

He had nearly dozed off before a stick smacked him dead in the face.


"Ouch" Ethan said as he looked around for the stick throwing fool who interupted his napping. He spotted a bowtrukle perched on a branch in a tree near his.


"Diffindo!" Ethan called, slicing the branch on which the little blighter resided on. The creature fell to the ground, shook his little fists and gathered a large amount of sticks from nearby ready to fire.


This did not please Ethan as he was quite ready to sleep. With a swish of his wand he set fire to the sticks leaving the bowtruckle to flee.


Before attempting to return to his nap he watered off the sticks and summoned an apple from just above him.

He looked around at the beauty of the lake and all its mystery as he munched away at his apple.


But then it wasnt long before he heard someone running towards the lake..

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(OOC - My profile will be here soon.)


Ernest ran swiftly toward the lake, not stopping until he reached the very edge of the lake. He sat down and attempted to catch his breath. He had accidentally pulled James's chair out from under him in their last class, and Ernest feared that physical violence was coming his way. He might be able to postpone this outcome if he were to stay out on the lake. Yes, this would be a good place to finish his studying... He turned to his right as he heard the crackling of leaves. He gasped in fear that it would be James. It turned out, instead, to be Ethan Lei. Another Slytherin student. "Oh, hello," he said quietly.

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Ethan looked back on Ernest slightly confused.


"Hello" Ethan replied as he examined Ernest with one raised eye brow.


He was trying to piece together the situation. Nothin made sense as to why someone would be in such a hurry to the lake.


Why is all Ethan could think to say. He then, realising his napping time was over, leapt from his branch and landed softly on the ground.


"Apple?" he said as he stretched out his arm hoping for some kind of explanation.

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"Ahh" Ethan said as he handed over the apple.


He had heard many stories about this student, all involving violence..and felt no need for further explanation.


"Well I'm awake now." Ethan used as an attempt to start some kind of adventure. He was intending on napping but the little fight with the bowtruckle, and the appearance of his fellow student, sparked an idea for excitement.


"Feel like checking out the Dark forest? Pulling a prank?

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Ethan laughed at Ernests hesitation. He could tell he was trying to open his mind to not being so good.. which Ethan admired in friends.


As he was thinking of something for the both of them to do a large flying creature, Ethan did not recognize, swooped down and snatched his wand. This creature was bigger than a human and was dark brown in colour.


"Hey! Give that back!" Ethan yelled with fury.


The creature was headed toward the castle and flew up to the top of the astronomy tower. It perched itself on the edge of the wall of the tower and screamed out with its frightening roar.


This creature did not frighten Ethan. It meerly angered him to an extreme level


How dare this filthy creature touch my wand


Ethan looked at Ernest, in hopes with his Ravenclaw knowledge, he would help Ethan get his wand back.


He did not have time to spare. The creature definitley wanted to play games and Ethan was more than happy to win. He sprinted up toward the castle with intentions on making this creature wish he never messed with him.

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Crystal walked out of the castle, daydreaming about the amazing prank she is going to pull on the first-year Gryffindors. When suddenly someone crashed straight into her, knocking her on the floor. "Watch it!" she growled, she notice the boy that crashed into him was in Slytherin uniform. She stood up and dusted herself off, she then stuck out her hand, "Crystal Malfoy, pleasure is all yours." She told him flicking her blonde hair back.

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