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The Slytherin Dungeons

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RPG Rules


OK guys, with the influx of new students, we thought it was time to re-introduce the basic rules of RPing in the Dungeons. PLEASE take the time to read this BEFORE posting.



Please keep in mind:-

  • Some of you may be online all the time, others may only get on once a day, so please be respectful and allow people time to respond.
  • Do not God-mod (write or imply what another person is or will do or say). You are responsible for your own character, no one else’s.
  • Please remember that the same spam rules apply here as anywhere else. If your post does not add to the RP, then do not post it.
  • Make sure your post is well thought through and written, not some hasty sentence done simply for the sake of posting.



This is so everyone else knows the character they are role-playing with.



RPG Guidelines:


These are the basic guidelines of how the RP’s should work. The forum moderators do check all posts, so please ensure that you conform. This is not to be picky, but to allow everyone to enjoy RPing.


So here we go........


1. RPing is like story writing. Please use proper English, no net-speak, action phrases, acronyms etc.


2. Please use correct spelling and grammar. The odd mistake is fine, but if you are constantly mis-spelling words, your posts may be edited.


3. Please capitalise names of people and places. This includes titles, first names, last names, pets’ names etc. Also, the names of holidays, books, nationalities etc.


4. Please use proper paragraphs. It is very difficult to read a long post that does not have proper breaks in it.


5. ALL posts should be in THIRD PERSON PAST TENSE.


To be clear,

First person present: I walk down the road.

Second person present: You walk down the road.

Third person present: Alaia walks down the road.


First person past: I walked down the road.

Second person past: You walked down the road.

Third person past: Alaia walked down the road.


Don't use "I" unless you're using dialogue or "thinking".

"I need coffee," Alaia said as she stumbled into the Common Room.


Generally, all posts should have your name or your character's name in it, with a lot of past verbs.


6. Thoughts should be in italics. i.e. Basil is looking very rotund lately, Alaia thought


7. Dialogue should be in quotation marks i.e. “Good morning Professor Sully” said Alaia as she walked past the Slytherin Head of House.


8. Write out actions instead of putting them in asterisks, i.e. Alaia poured herself a cup of coffee. Instead of *pours a cup of coffee*


9. Make sure your character is behaving in an age-appropriate fashion. As an example if you are a first-year student do not go around summoning items, as there is no way a first-year is skilled enough to perform the summoning charm.


10. While we discuss age, ensure your character is the correct age. If you are a first-year student, your character should be 11, not 16.


11. Please make sure that your character is not perfect. We all have our flaws, it is what makes us unique.


12. In the HOL world of RPing we are in the present time, meaning this is the year 2013. All of the members of Harry Potter’s class graduated in 1997, so you would not know them personally. Additionally, you must keep in mind that HOL is not the same as Hogwarts. It is a Hogwarts-type school, but it is totally unrelated.


13. You do not own the Marauder’s map. You do not have an invisibility cloak. You do not have a magic golden retriever named Spot who is telepathic and can fly. Don't expect something like this in the HOL RPG.


14. If you are duelling, you will not be able to deflect or dodge every spell sent your way. Even the best of us get hit sometimes. Remember that the RP is not just about you, and needs to be realistic.


15. Make sure that the situations you are in are realistic.


16. Please be clear when starting a thread/roleplay. When you're setting the scene, you need to make sure that it is clear to all players what the set up is. Basically you want to make sure the who, what, when, where, and how are all clear to anyone who wants to join.


17. When joining in an existing thread/roleplay, please be sure to keep with the already established theme, location, and story line. It is disrespectful to the other characters if you abruptly change the location with no warning, especially if it's your first post into the roleplay.


18. If you need to leave a thread/roleplay, for instance, if your character needs to leave the Great Hall to go to library, you can write your character off the thread.


19. ALL HOL rules apply. If you are unsure what this means, then please read the HOL Handbook before posting in any RPG.



(some of these guidelines have been borrowed from the HOL and Hufflepuff RPG Guidelines)

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Please read the guidelines above before starting any RPs in these forums. They were written a long time ago but are still totally relevant to any threads posted today. These forums will be monitored and I hope to see everyone following the rules above.


If you have any questions or anything is unclear please post here.

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I must confess the "this is not Hogwarts" confuses me a bit. Do you mean to say that there's no Bloody Baron, Peeves, Astronomy Tower and other specificities? Like the portraits of the actual story and such?

Or do you mean that students shouldn't ask portaits about "the saviour's time" as we would have to take into accounts all of the events from the books(war included?)?

Or do you mean it as in "there should be no reference whatsoever to living(it's not as if the ghosts could have vanished between 97 and now.. or is it?) characters of the story"?

The Bloody Baron was very scary for all of the first years, even being the Slytherin ghost, he wasn't exactly reassuring so I figured he at least, if not Peeves as well, could have some sort of effect on our easily-impressed 11 years-olds?

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The person who wrote this post isn't around anymore but I'll try my best to clear things up for you.


In my mind I view HOL as an alternative reality Hogwarts, like Hogwarts but in a parallel dimension. This means that whilst we still have the castle, the houses, the house cup, pets, owl post, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Quidditch and most likely arrive on the Hogwarts Express, we have freedom about how the world actually plays out. We're not stuck to the world that JK Rowling wrote.


None of the characters (students or Professors) from her world exist here although I know there are some of the ghosts around. There is a Bloody Baron account in the Dungeons so you're welcome to RP about seeing him. I wouldn't rely too much on a reply post but he may just float through from time to time.


The common rooms are also different. Whilst Slytherin are still in the dungeons of the castle, the other houses have renamed their homes and you'll have to ask them whether their location in the castle is the same as the books or different. I would say if you want to RP going to the Astronomy Tower or sitting by the lake then that would be fine.


Maybe the line in the post above should say "this is not Harry's Hogwarts" and that could clear up the confusion a little. Basically don't talk about the book characters or the events from the book because as far as this reality is concerned they didn't happen! We have our own adventures, our own events and our own lessons. Have fun!

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