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The Slytherin Dungeons

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
This post is for the questions that get asked most frequently in the Dungeons. It will be a bit of an ongoing project with new questions being added as needed, so please check back here before asking something, as you may have an answer waiting for you!

IMPORTANT: Personal Information
For security reasons, the Slytherin staff would like to remind everyone to not share any of their real-life personal information anywhere on HOL. This includes your real name, location (states or countries are fine), phone number, school and other kinds of sensitive information.

What is a Promising Student?
A Promising Student (PS) is an active Slytherin student who has the potential to become a Prefect. PS are hand-picked by the Slytherin staff based on their activity in and around HOL/Slytherin. Applications typically open in August/January each year.

What does a PS do? Their main job is to assist Prefects in house related matters, particularly in the common room. Please keep in mind that being a PS is an internal position only, it means nothing outside of the house.

Who are the Slytherin Prefects and how do I become one?
The current Prefects are Arianna Stonewater, Emily Spencer, and February Fortescue.

Prefects are hand selected from our Promising Students. Keep your eyes open for Promising Student applications if you are interested in joining Slytherin staff.

Does Slytherin have any awards? What are they?
A list of Slytherin awards can be found here. Most of these awards are given out at the end of each year, with a select few that are presented monthly.

I tried to upload an avatar, but it's not showing up. What's wrong with it?
Your avatar might be too big. You cannot have an avatar larger than 100x100 pixels. The file size is limited to 100KB. They must also be in one of the following formats: gif, jpg, jpeg or png. If you meet these guidelines and still have problems, please contact a Prefect.

Why was my signature deleted? What are the proper rules for creating a signature?
- You are limited to four lines of text.
- No links to external, non-HOL related websites as we cannot guarantee that the content is G-Rated.
- Please keep all content G-Rated, we have young members here as well.

- ONE image with maximum dimensions of 250(wide) x 100(high) pixels.
- PLUS ONE image of 250x20.
- DO NOT combine these limits to make a super 500x120 image or similar. They are individual limits.

You may also elect to have a maximum of TWO 250x20 images instead of the above.

This is an example of correct size for a signature:

You will be given a grace period of ONE week to organise your signature and then the staff have the right to amend your signature. Continuous disregard for these rules WILL result in points being taken. We have these rules for a number of reasons:

1) It saves on bandwidth.
2) It allows pages to load faster for those with slow connections.
3) Large images are annoying when there are many of them in one thread!

The most important thing is to not overcrowd your signature. It should compliment your post, not outshine it.

Who are Basil and Brabas?
Basil and Brabas are Slytherin's pets. Basil is a Basilisk and Brabas is a Lethifold. Aren't they the cutest things ever? *g*

What are scales and how do they work?
Throughout the school year there will be loads of interesting activities for you to participate in. Everyone who participates will receive scales. Scales are only valid in Slytherin and do not count towards the points you receive in HOL. At the end of the year, the top ten Slytherins with the most scales will be given special recognition for their efforts throughout the year with the Dedicated Snake award!


If you have a question that isn't answered here or within the Slytherin Hatchling Orientation Program, please PM a Prefect or Professor.

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