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The Slytherin Dungeons

wandering wanders

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(ooc prof Ashlee Sully gave her permit for this)



Rowan was strolling along the castle and didn’t know what to do. Sure she had tons of work to do and all but she couldn’t be bothered now.


Rowan was on her way to dungeon to play in the awesome arcade and probably curse a bit on the crazy jumping nut game. “Silly Nut!” Rowan muttered. All of the sudden did Rowan pass the office of Miette and an evil gin filled her face. A lot of evil events ran trough Rowan’s mind and the visual of a cactus appeared. Rowan began to cackle.


When Rowan glared to the right she saw an open door she hadn’t seen before and curious as she was it she push it more open, behind it lay a stairs. “OHH I wonder where this goes!” Rowan said and with a quick glance left and right did Rowan slip through the door and up the stair.


The door behind Rowan did the door crept a bit back to it place and revealed a small note


Stairs to Professor Ashlee Sully's place, no trespassing. Ofcourse Rowan was long gone before she even saw that

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Guest Ani Black

Ani slinked through the hallways. Out of dung bombs, already having raided every nook and cranny it seemed, and played every prank possible on her sisters. Simply bored was exactly what she was. She continued to blend in with the shadows as she thought and walked, then had the most brilliant idea. There was indeed a place she had yet explored. Quickly she set off for the Astronomy tower, and climbed the staircase. Once in the small circular room, she pried open the window and climbed onto the ledge clinging to it. Carefully she pulled herself onto the roof and just sat there as the snow fell around her and she observed the best sight before her eyes.

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Blocked. It was a quiet evening, as winter rolled into spring and Bianca had been sitting in her dorm trying to attempt the last parchment page of an essay set by Prof. Scarlet for Basic Healing. She reached her hands up over her head and stretched, letting out a long but soft yawn.


Musing out the window, she could see it was snowing. "What the..", she wondered. Hadn't it just been 50 some degrees out today? Snow, hmmmm. I'm willing to bet someone’s messing with the weather. Careful not to wake her roommates, Bianca grabbed a jacket, slipped on some shoes, and set off to do a little Sherlocking..


It wasn't very late, only 10 o'clock but still past curfew so she had to be stealthy. She slinked through the corridors. She did not know them too well yet and was hoping not to get lost. As a first year, you are not privy to much exploring and don't yet have the time put in to know the castle inside out but Bianca was not stranger to adventure and was determined to figure out every little nook of this castle and stake a piece of it as her own.


As she let her mind wander, she noticed another student. She made a silent gasp as she had come up on this girl unexpectedly, and was now only a few feet away. "Had she seen me?" Bianca thought, but quickly realized that she had not. The girl looked young too, possibly another first year but definitely not of the same house as her, and obviously thought she was sneaking around unnoticed. Bianca, who understood the desire to be left to your thoughts, stood very still until the girl had taken a turn and was out of sight.


Bianca took a left, then a right, and another left, zigzagging through the hallways until she had finally lost herself. As she turned down a hallway somewhere on the fourth floor, she heard a door close just ahead of her. The hallway was quite dark, but her eyes had adjusted enough to allow her the silhouettes of objects close to her. Bianca slipped off her shoes, to silence her steps, and carefully stepped down the hallway towards the noise. After a minute, she became confused as to the timing it would take her to reach the sound and turned to look behind her. She wondered if she had somehow passed right by whoever or whatever closed the door. She was still slowly backpedaling when she turned and slammed right into another student, who happened to be approximately the same height as herself.


She had walked right into someone, basically head butted them, and fell straight back, stretching her arms out behind her to break her fall. Groaning, she sat up and rubbed her left elbow, staring into the semi-darkness.

"hello?" she said, just above a whisper. Her words hung in the air and Bianca cursed herself for speaking at all, if this other person wasn't going relieve her of this terrible silence.

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Macyn had been down at the kitchens with her brother who knew most of the tricks of the school. They were feeling a little hungry so they took a stealthy walk down to the land of house also elves aka. the kitchen and grabbed some food and things. Seth had decided to sneak in and see a girl from Ravenclaw he was crushing on so Macyn was left alone to navigate her way through the halls and moving stair cases back to the Gryffindor common room, but this wasn't a problem for Macyn, she know these halls like the inside of her own house. Suddenly she heard a noise Macyn assumed it was her brother returning but when she turned around no one was there the moment she turned back she collided head on with someone and fell to ground. In a very low voice Macyn heard someone say "Hello?"


It didn't sound like a teacher so she answered. "Who's there?" Macyn stood up used the charm she had made with help of her sister which would light a up room but only so the wanted people could see, therefore the room would be filled with light for Macyn and the people she desired to associate with and not teacher on gaurd for students.

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... and finally someone spoke.

"Who's there" the voice said. Suddenly the hall flooded with light. Bianca shielded her eyes from the intensity of it, and waited a moment so her eyes could make the adjustment from dark to bright.


Standing before her was a girl, older than Bianca but of the same stature. Her hair was long and blond with a wave to it, but the most striking feature was this girls eyes. They were two different colors and completely intriguing.


Bianca was relieved to find that it was not a Prefect or someone that might bother her about being out after curfew. Bianca is not easily trusting so she eyed this fair skinned girl up and down before speaking. "Hey," she replied, she pulled herself from the ground and stood straight, "sorry about that, I was most definitely not looking where I was going."

Bianca, not sure what to do when the girl didn't immediately reply, extended her hand and introduced herself, "I'm Bianca, I transferred in January and I just put in a request to squib. I was of Ravenclaw House but I don't feel at home yet here at HOL. So now I belong to no one."

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