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The Slytherin Dungeons
Nassa Dikaios

Character Profiles

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Name: Will Lestrange

Age: 17

Year: Sixth

Wand: 11 1/2 inches, willow, dragon heartstring, unyielding

Pet: eagle owl named Liam

Physical Description: slightly over 6 feet tall, broad shoulders, dark grey eyes, black hair, physically imposing

Brief Personal History: Will Lestrange was raised as an only child, with his parents, both Pureblood Slytherins, having married after the Second Wizarding War killed off their respective spouses. He was brought up to learn the power of the traditional ways, but at the same time not to underestimate anyone at first glance.

Temperament: Will is generally calm and does not let his emotions show very often; however, if you cross him or stab him in the back he is likely to find a way to get his revenge in cold blood.

Special Possessions: An heirloom Lestrange locket which he values strongly

Greatest Fear: Turning out to be merely ordinary and unremarkable

Future Goals: To be a successful Slytherin and impress everyone he wishes to impress; at his age, though, 'future' most likely means graduation (and Quidditch, of course!)


EDITED 18 February 2019 to be consistent with aging in real time

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Name: Theodora Riley

Age: 11

Year: 1rst

Wand: 10.50" Vine and Unicorn Tail Hair

Pet: none as of yet.

Physical Description: Theodora is still fairly small for her age, not quite frail, but nowhere near chubby or chunky. She has mid-long square-cut ash-blond hair and navy blue eyes in which often gleams a cheeky spark and flat breast.

Brief Personal History: She comes from two old families of wizards, both of saxon origins, although one had traditionally sent its offsprings to Durmstrang, while the other had them sent to Hogwarts, usually sorted into Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Her father, Allistair Riley, was the keeper for his Quidditch house team back in his days at Durmstrang, where he sent his elder son Dean. He has also always been skilled in Charms and Dark Arts, which make him an exellent Unspeakable at the ministry today. Her mother, Morgana Parkinson, was skilled in Charms and Runes when she attended Hogwarts, which decided her to further her knowledge in Charms, becoming a Charms Master. Theodora also has an older brother, Dean, who attends Durmstrang where he plays beater for his house team. He is 16, and a 5th year. He is also a bully and loves to wreck whatever his sister holds dear as a proof of his superiority. Of course it may also show how utterly inferior he feels towards his younger sister, but Theodora wouldn't realize or even consider than.

She also has a younger sister, Georgianna, who is very smart and doted on by everybody, Dean included.

Theodora is nicknamed « Theo » by everyone in her close circles, she set in her mind to becoming the Greatest Potion Master the World has Ever Known since some day in her childhood, her brother had failed for the first and only time to do something she had managed to do – brew his first potion.(of course under the attentive eye of their Aunt Sinistra, who was a Potion Master at Durmstrang)

Temperament: Theodora is 11, and as such a young child, fairly easily impressed, although she has always been taught not to display her emotions, not to let her feelings be seen, for they would become weapon for her foes. And you could never tell who would turn into a foe until it was too late. She is also cunning, and has always managed in one way or another, to pay back her brother whenever he detroyed some possession of hers, never in an upfront way of course. Sometimes when she managed her mischief well enough(when he went far enough for her to feel nothing but wrath until payback time), he never even found out she was the one behind the downfall he was going through.

Special Possessions: Her quill and ink. And her Potions Book. She got them as a present from her Auntie Sinistra when she told them her dream of becoming The Greatest Potion Master Ever. Her Aunt found it wonderful and encouraged her by giving her a set of enchanted quill and ink. Indeed, the ink can be told not to show to anybody but one specific person, recognising the person's magic signature. Theodora wrote down all of her Aunt's comments and recommendations about the ingredients she was going to use for the Potions that were in the Potions Book she bought for Hogwarts. It was her treasure.

Greatest Fear: Disappoining her Auntie Sinistra ; losing her mother's recognition ; being shunned by her father ; being outsmarted by her brother.

Future Goals: Becoming The Greatest Potions Master The Word Has Yet to See. (and therefore, overskilling/outsmarting her brother forever(serves him right!), and getting her father's recognition.)

Edited by Theodora Riley

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Name: Hope Stark

Age: 12

Year: Second

Wand: 7.5" Holly and Chimaera Scale (Heirloom wand belonging to her great grandmother)

Pet: Scops owl named Sebastian

Physical Description: 5 feet tall, bright red, straight hair, hazel eyes, lots of freckles

Brief Personal History: The Stark Family is an old Scottish wizarding family. While not on the list of the elite 28 pureblood families, they retain their pureblood status. The Stark fortune was built centuries ago and continues to thrive today. Hope is the youngest of three, having two older brothers (Edward and Arno, Slytherin and Hufflepuff) who have already graduated Hogwarts. Her father, Anthony, and her mother, Hailey, were both Slytherins.

Being the youngest, and only daughter, of a pureblood family means she has certain expectations placed upon her. Being eleven, she doesn't care about any of them. She loves quidditch (very un ladylike, according to her father) and nature just as much as she loves the color pink and sparkles. If you can’t find her, there’s a good chance she’s in a pond somewhere with some kind of creature.

Temperament: Hope is a very sweet girl. She is bright and bubbly and all over the place. However, look out if you cross her. Her family has coined the term “Ginger Snap” to describe what happens. She’s a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, she can be a lot of fun. Being all over the place is one reason she is like a tiny little bludger (and why beater is her favorite Quidditch position!)

Special Possessions: Her wand (it belonged to her great grandmother and chose her as well) and her broom

Greatest Fear: Growing up

Future Goals: Be a dragon tamer!

Strongest subject: Care of Magical Creatures

Weakest subject: Charms

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Name: Avery Quinn
Age: 11
Year: 1
Wand: 10.50'' Ash and Demiguise Hair
Pet: Barn Owl
Physical Description: Avery is an average looking boy. With light brown hair and dark brown eyes, he stands at about 5' 5''.
Brief Personal History: Avery Quinn was born to Arthur and Carla Quinn, a car salesman and a secretary in the muggle world. Avery has an older brother named Tom and a younger brother named Sam, making Avery the stereotypical ignored middle child. Avery never lashed out for attention though, instead he plotted and schemed how he would over shadow his brothers accomplishments ... eventually. When his Hogwarts letter came he was amazed, but tried to brush it off like it was expected. Truth be told Avery saw this as his one chance to be different from the rest of his family. He could do greater things then they could imagine... eventually. He intends to throw himself into his studies at Hogwarts ruthlessly to become worth something to someone. He knows that to accomplish the things he wants he might have to bend some rules, and sometimes the best way to get away with bending the rules is to barley be noticed. His generic average appearance lets him blend in to a crowd pretty easily, which might account for why the wand that chose him contains a hair from a Demiguise. Of course one can not hide from trouble forever. Fortunately, Avery is a pretty smooth talker for an 11 year old boy and is good at getting his way. Even though he is a muggle born, Avery has managed to fit very snugly into the Slytherin house.
Temperament: Being a muggle born, Avery is prone to getting overly excited about doing magic, but always tries to brush it off to seem like a natural. He has ambitious goals about things he wants to do, but since he is only a first year he barely has the capability to see them through. He has quickly discovered that being a muggle born in the Slytherin house is not something he should advertise, but being that he is slightly naive he is proud of his parents and his background anyway. It is not easy to make Avery feel ashamed of himself for any reason, this has its obvious ups and downs.
Special Possessions: Avery considers his wand to be of particular importance, as it is the symbol of what makes him different from his brothers.
Greatest Fear: Not being a good enough wizard, and proving the pure blood enthusiasts right.
Future Goals: Avery is really inspired by the ministry Aurors. He has decided that he WILL become the best auror in the world.

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Name: Ravanya Alice Maren
Age: 12
Year:  First
WandAlder, chimaera's mane core, 16.65"
Pet: Calico cat named Shelby
Physical Description: Standing around 5'2", Raven is rarely ever seen without Shelby somewhere in her near vicinity.  She has cloudy green eyes and short, wild chocolate hair.  Her skin is tanned, leaning toward a middle-eastern tone.
Brief Personal History: Ravanya was put into the foster system shortly after birth for reasons that she has yet to uncover.  Although unaware of her half-blooded origins (though whoever placed her in the system did), Raven was placed with a magical family due to the possibility of her being a witch.  At age 5, she was adopted by her guardians Sheila and Trevor Maren, both wizards.  She began school at Ilvermorny (Horned Serpent) in North America at age 11, but transferred shortly after her birthday in March to Hogwarts, where she was sorted into Slytherin.  She has always remained aware of her status as adopted, which has fostered a rebellious streak in her.  This, paired with her knack for divination and susceptibility to premonitions, has gotten her into her fair share of trouble.  It's unknown whether the transfer to Hogwarts was truly her choice or not.
Temperament: As mentioned above, Raven is rather rebellious and troublesome.  While many Slytherins are driven by the need to succeed, Ravanya follows her need for answers.  Some would say this might suit her better for Ravenclaw, but the lack of remorse or care that go into doing anything necessary to get those answers explains what questions the people around her may have, even if she still questions the sorting herself.
Special Possessions: Raven still has the blanket that she was wrapped in when she was given away by her mother.  It is embroidered with her first and middle initial: RA.  She'd never admit it, but she keeps it in her dorm.
Greatest Fear: Beyond anything else, Raven fears abandonment.  The transfer to Hogwarts wasn't terrible for her, since she believes that it was her choice, but the idea that the things that matter to her could just leave her at any moment frightens the life from her.
Future Goals: Raven intends to become a Seer, where she can hone her divination capabilities and make sure others get the answers they need, much like she does.

Edited by Ravanya Maren

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Name: Iverian Gnash

Age: 14

Year: First year

Wand: Dragon Heartstring, elder, 13 inches, unyielding 

Pet: A cockatiel named Coconut

Physical Description: 5 feet 7 inches, blond hair, blue/green eyes

Brief Personal History: I am one of 5 siblings. I have a lot of close and extended family. My mother is a pure blood while my father is a halfblood. So, I guess that makes me a halfblood perhaps. 

Temperament: Pretty chill, but will stand up when insulted. I am a fun loving person who just adores jokes. *laughs*

Talents: Music and math

Special Possessions: Not a whole lot. I guess my special possessions are my siblings and my friend *laughs jokingly*

Greatest Fear: Fear of enclosed spaces and failing at something

Future Goals: I wish to be either a healed or an auror. 

Edited by Iverian Gnash

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Name: Romilda Jones

Age: 13

Year: 2nd

Wand:  Sycamore wood with a Dragon core heartstring 13 inches long and Reasonably Supple flexibility

Pet: A muggle animal called dog its name is lucky

Physical Description: Romilda is quite tall for her age. She has very curly black hair.she has hazel colored eyes if in light they look grey.

Brief Personal History: She is the second child of Rose Jones and Ignotus Jones.She has a brother, Reginald. Her mother is a witch and father a halfblood. Her brother brought disgrace to the family by being expelled from school with his mischiefs but romilda is proud of him

Romilda did not discover her magical abilities until she got hold of her brothers wand and started waving it. Het father is extremely talented at charms and quidditch and her mother was the brightest witch of her age. Romilda has inherited all these qualities

Temperament: Romilda does not make a lot of friends if she makes she only considers some of them and if you're among them you're very lucky. She is quite high and quick tempered. She keeps her opinions to herself but will make the other person speech less with her skills to confuse and do things logically.

Special Possessions: She posses a wand that was of her grandfather and has great power. She also owns an book of spells that were created only by her ancestors and herself

Greatest Fear: She fears of spiders the most.

Future Goals: While her stay in Hogwarts she goals to be a head girl and then on her path to opening a sweet shop at Diagon Alley and Its branch at Hogsmeade.

Edited by Romilda Jones

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